Friday, June 19, 2015

A Closer Look at Vintage Lighting

Accentuate your Space with Vintage Lightning

Pendik - Mudo

Accentuate that space, and set the mood with vintage lights. (Photo Credits)

Vintage Lighting is slowly taking center stage as more and more quaint homes, spaces, and business establishment, accentuate their spaces with this kind of lighting style.

Website Little Black Book Delhi emphasized in one of its posts that lighting can make or break an area. “For smaller home accents, and light fixtures, their brass, aluminium and steel pendant lights, vintage lanterns and globe centrepieces double as both winning centre pieces and interesting hanging statement pieces. If you ticked the reading in solitude box, we’re anticipating a love for lamps. And will they deliver.”

Take a look at the vintage lights here.

Love the Lights meantime hyped up vintage lighting particularly Edison’s squirrel cage design. “His “squirrel cage” design has a circle of vertical carbon filaments. Build Safe. And once it’s lit you can definitely understand the name. You have probably seen these in cool restaurants before…Use these bulbs in any of your open fixtures or simply combine a few with twisted fabric cord in hanging sockets and enjoy the amazing vintage hip look they will bring to your home!”

Read more here.

Related Electrical Services meantime shared what it saw when it toured the Philips Museum, where they saw lightbulbs of the yesteryears. “Philips may be a somewhat diminished force in today’s tech world, but the Dutch company has, over its 123 years of history, been a major player in radio tech, audio, cassettes, CDs, TV and — perhaps most famously — the humble lightbulb. CNET paid a visit to the prestigious Philips Museum in Eindhoven, and now presents the most fascinating exhibits for your viewing pleasure.”

Electrician. Check out the photos here.

Lighting, as they say does not only brighten up a room, it also sets the mood.

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