Monday, June 15, 2015

Decorative Lighting

Of Mason Jars, Paper Flowers, and Other Lovely Decorative Lighting Trends

Let them eat Cake

Set the mood in any event through dramatic lighting. Photo Credits

Lighting really does a lot in terms of beautifying a home, making an event even more special, or accentuating a corner of an otherwise plain space. Orange county electrician Repair shared 19 weddings that are made even more magical by the lighting used during the event. “Nothing transforms a space quite like the right lighting. Candles, string lights, light bulbs, colored lights and lanterns all create ambience and add warmth to indoor and outdoor weddings alike.”

ElectricianVisions Newport beach. Take a look at all the lovely photos here.

Plain spaces in your home, shop or office, can be brightened up by these Do-It-Yourself Mason Jar Lighting projects featured over at the website

“Everyone loves the mason jar… creating lighting with a mason jar is a hot decorating trend that crosses from modern to rustic d├ęcor. It’s inexpensive, creative and versatile. Check out these great mason jar lighting ideas to set your small home apart with style.”

EVElectrician Los Alamitos. Take a look at the DIY Guide here.

If those are not enough lovelies for you, then better check this out. EVElectrician Irvine. Paperflowers light up a room in this newest lighting style innovation featured at “Each flower is hand-sculpted around a hollow shape where battery powered LED lights are hidden. The flowers glow safely from within with no need to hide pesky wires.” EVElectrician in Santa Ana

Electrical Contractors. Take a look at the paper flower centerpieces here.

Lights indeed does not only brightens up a space, it changes the mood, and makes everything glow positively. Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies

Here’s a nice video on decorative lighting use for weddings and events:

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