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Do Not Neglect that Exhaust Fan

How to Clean your Home Exhaust Fan

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Do not neglect them. Clean them regularly. Photo Credits

Cleaning the exhaust fan is definitely a chore. For one, you will need a ladder to climb up onto it. You need to take out the cover and unscrew it.  All the while straining your neck and shoulder muscles, while sneezing because of the dust bunnies that accumulated in the fan blades.

But fans need to be cleaned. And for a very good reason.

Dirty exhaust fans can trigger fires

In its website, media outfit WTVR shared a video on how bathroom exhaust fans can trigger fires. According to one of their interviewees, the lint and dust build-up in the fan may cause the fan’s motor to heat up, and possibly ignite. “’These fans, over time, build up lint that insulates the motor, exacerbating the heat build-up; the lint provides an easy-to-ignite fuel source which in turn ignites nearby combustible building materials.’”

Read the rest of the write up here.

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A fire in Oregon was an apparent testament to this. In Junction City, a bathroom exhaust fan caused a fire in a restaurant. “An exhaust fan in the women’s restroom at Subway suffered a “catastrophic failure” that set fire to the building. The Junction City fire chief said investigators for the insurance company determined the fire started with the fan. Firefighters spent hours battling the blaze.” Grove.

Watch the video here.

To avoid a potential fire hazard and to maintain cleanliness in the home, website onegoodthingbyjillee.com shared a visual step-by-step guide in cleaning an exhaust fan. “Having a clean and functional exhaust fan in your bathroom not only helps with bathroom odor, it also moves moisture out of the bathroom and helps prevent mold and mildew, which can become a health issue if left unaddressed. Electrician. Since bathroom fans work in a damp environment, they can get bogged down with dirt and dust over time and become less effective. If you haven’t taken a close look at what’s lurking under your bathroom fan cover before, I encourage you to do so”

Build Safe. Read the detailed instructions here.

So when was the last time you cleaned your exhaust fan?

Here’s an instructional video on cleaning a home exhaust fan.


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