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Make Exercise Machines Work for You

Make the Right Choice

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Not all Gym Equipment are created equal. Photo Credits

Going to the gym can help you a lot in terms of instilling discipline and in improving your health through physical fitness.

But as all gym-goers know the best type of exercise machines are the same machines that they most likely have almost no opportunity to use because everyone flocks to it.

Exercise and body building website Muscle and Fitness came up with great alternatives to these machines so you no longer have to make a beeline to it, wasting your precious gym time.

“No one likes waiting around for a machine at the gym. Not only is it frustrating, but it also kills your momentum: it forces you to take long breaks, which kills your fat-loss effects, slows your cardio benefits, and cools down your body (which can cause injuries). Rather than standing around for minutes just to do a certain exercise, use substitutes that target the same muscle groups, have similar intensity (if not more), and require minimal equipment. You’ll be able to get more work done at the gym, save time, keep your heart rate up, and get more results.”

Check out their list here.

Some are great, some are not helpful at all

Huffington Post Healthy Living meanwhile came up with a list of exercise machines that you should refrain from using, as their expert resource person for the article believes free weights and body weight exercises provide the maximum benefit to the gym-goer.Build Safe

“Besides parking you on your butt, most machines isolate a single muscle, meaning you’ll burn fewer calories and gain less muscle mass rep for rep. Most importantly (at least as far as medical bills are concerned), exercise machines can lead to injury. Even with their adjustable seats and pegs, finding the proper position can be close to impossible — and even then the movements just aren’t natural.”

Know about the machines to avoid here.

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But if you are not a gym rat, and would rather exercise at the comforts of your own home. Fitness website Ferrigno Fit, enumerated a list of exercise machines that you should not waste your money on.Electrician

“We’ve been trying to cut corners for centuries. In the 1000s, William the Conqueror tried to lose weight by staying in bed and exclusively drinking alcohol. Europeans in the 1800s thought vinegar would do the trick. Some bet on pills filled with tapeworms. Have you ever bought into an idea hoping it would solve your weight loss problems? Maybe some late night infomercial convinced you that some special machine would tone your legs or build your arms? Most of us have fallen into that trap.”

Find out what Ferrigno Fit is referring to here.

The best way though to stay fit without having to shell-out money are free exercises such as walking, running, free weights and floor exercises.

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