Monday, June 22, 2015

Off-the-Grid Lifestyle

What it is like to live off-the-grid


The Serenity that Off-the-Grid Lifestyle Provides. Photo Credits

If you are one of those people who are tired of what civilization has to offer, and what you have to give back in return, then you might as well take a peek in the lives of those who mustered the courage to live life as we know it.

Website The Mind Unleashed featured the story of a French photographer who went off-the-grid for three years and lived with those who chose that type of existence. “The artist wandered through remote mountain regions without any fixed destination or route in mind, but along the way met several individuals who had willingly abandoned hectic city life in exchange for retreat in the deep wilderness. These people sacrificed modern comforts for greater autonomy and freedom, and in result became inspiration to the inquisitive photographer.”

Build Safe. Check out the photos here.

Sustainability is the key

These couple meanwhile did not totally leave the convenience of today’s modern lifestyle, but managed to create a home that is off the grid, yet very sustainable. Website showed photos of the island home that a couple took 20 years to build.

“Made entirely out of recycled materials, this colorful destination is an off-the-grid, eco-friendly environment they call Freedom Cove. It consists of 12 large platforms connected to one another through carefully assembled planks of wood and metal. The couple and their 2 kids are self-sufficient, living off the crops they grow in their greenhouses.”

Read the rest of the story and see the pictures of the island home here.

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Electrician. If you have been inspired to try out off-grid living, you may no longer have to do anything drastic like build a floating island. featured this tiny capsule home that can be brought anywhere off-grid. “he Ecocapsule is a micro-shelter that offers a variety of sustainable offerings. Ultra-portable, the capsule is powered by solar and wind energy, includes rainwater collection and filtration, and even has a tiny kitchenette that can be used to prepare a hot meal. Truly, this is one of the most impressive off-grid luxury tiny homes we’ve ever seen.”

Know more about it here.

Living off the grid has generated interest mostly among those who are envisioning a life free from the stresses that come with a more convenient lifestyle.



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