Sunday, June 21, 2015

Uncommon Uses of a Refrigerator

There is More to Your Refrigerator than preserving food

New refrigerator at new house 01.11.2008

Your Refrigerator has a lot more to offer than storage and cooling. Photo Credits.

Did you know that an up and coming model of refrigerator can now make a cup of steaming hot coffee? In its website, CNN Money reported that GE Appliances is coming up with a refrigerator that dispenses coffee. “To make a cup of coffee, you snap the brewer out of the fridge’s water tap, put in a K-Cup coffee pod and slide the brewer back into the water dispenser. The fridge will ask you what size you want. After the fridge heats up the water, you push a safety knob to the left (so you don’t accidentally scald yourself), and your fridge will brew the coffee.”

Watch the report here.

Think out of the box meantime featured a refrigerator owner that used his ref’s ice dispenser as to dispense chocolate candies instead. “Yes, you heard that correctly. In the place where ice should be, instead there is candy.”

Electrician. Watch the video here.

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A walk-in refrigerator meantime served as a safe hiding place for some Jewish hostages in a shooting incident in Paris, France. Website shared what had transpired. “A young Muslim man has been hailed a hero for hiding hostages fleeing gunman Amedy Coulibaly after he stormed a Jewish supermarket. Lassana Bathily, originally from Mali in west Africa, reportedly shepherded terrified customers to safety in a walk-in chiller as the jihadist gunman took hold of the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Porte de Vincennes, Paris.”

Read the rest of the report here.

Refrigerators can do a lot for you. Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies.  How do you use yours?

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