Friday, July 10, 2015

Do-it-Yourself Torch Light

How to make your own torch lights

Lights On

It is not that complicated so yes, you ca make your own too. Photo Credits

You will never know when an emergency will strike, hence it is best to have a know-how in making emergency lighting devices.
The website shared a step-by-step instruction guide complete with photos on how to make a Do-It-Yourself torch light, perfect for extended power black outs.

“This is a very simple led torch light that uses the series connection of a led, a switch, a resistor and a 9 volt battery. It is very handy to use when there is no light. To make the torch brighter the number of LEDs can be added.”

Check out the instructions here.

Easy to Make

Youtube channel DIY Tech is also teaching its viewers how to make their own Torch Light.Build Safe

“In this video you will be learning about Lithium-ion Battery Cell repair guide, and how to charge them again for your Electronics Projects! Battery Power Ratings: 3.7v – 4.2v”

Electrical Contractors. Watch the video tutorial here.

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If you just want to light up your garden, then DIY Home Things has eleven Do-It-Yourself Projects for you.

“Tiki torches are a practical and fun way to light up outdoor spaces. Tiki torches not only add a luminescent glow to summer nights, but they are also an innovative way to keep pesky bugs at bay. The large bamboo style tiki torches have made way for some innovative small tiki torches which can be fashioned from old bottles. Tiki torches which are crafted from empty wine bottles or mason jars are an awesome idea to enliven nighttime parties in your backyard. It is extremely easy to create.”

Read the rest of the article here.

So are you ready to make your own DIY Torch Lights?



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