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Unique Vending Machines

The Vending Machines of Today

Casual frozen food...

Now, even hot meals can be bought from vending machines. Photo Credits

Vending Machines are important especially in locations where there are no stores nearby or there are no 24/7 convenience stores or food places.

From canned soda, snacks, and even electronic goods, a lot of products are now being sold via vending machines.

Just like this vending machine featured over at MessyNessyChic.Com. The website posted a story on a vending machine in Istanbul, Turkey that dispenses water and food for stray animals. The thing is it does not need coins – it just needs recyclable plastic bottles in exchange for the pet food and water that it dispenses.

“Animal lovers gather round! Some very clever folks in Istanbul have created a vending machine that releases food and water for the city’s stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottles. I couldn’t help but share this in the hopes that they get a little buzz to help spread the word.”

Electrical Contractors. Check out the vending machine here.

Cannabis Vending Machine?

In Canada, there are vending machines that sells marijuana. Website RT.Com reported the launch of the first ever marijuana vending machine in the country.

“The first cannabis-dispensing machine in Canada has begun operating in Vancouver, following on from the first machine installed recently in the US state of Colorado. The difference? The Canadian machine doesn’t ID you. Despite the controversy surrounding the plant and the endless bickering that has marked the discourse around it, the machine looks strangely ordinary and even less threatening than a cigarette pack, with big green leaves and certainly no indication that it contains something that is so hotly debated.”

Electrician. Check out the vending machine here.

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Meantime in Washington, a vending machine is bringing a smile on ids, their teachers, and their parents’ faces. Why? Because it dispenses books for free. featured this amazing vending machine in their website. “Imagine being able to walk up to a vending machine, press a few buttons, and have a book pop out. Well, some kids in Washington, D.C., don’t have to imagine, because they can actually do that.”

Take a look at the vending machine here.

So what does your dream vending machine dispense?

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