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Can you do without a Cable Box?

All about the cable box

Under the TV

Do you still have one at home? (Photo Credits)

While a growing number of households have been cutting their cable subscriptions to save on utility bills, it cannot be denied that majority of homes still have cable subscription.

But what can be done about the sometimes hideous, and space hogging contraption that comes with it – the cable box?

The website DIY Real showed ways on how to go about hiding the cable box, which can be done by using a fake stack of books. Build Safe

Check out the photos here.

You can do without it.

Electrical Contractors The Atlantic meantime share an article that could totally eliminate the cable box in a household. “One solution proposed in the report is that cable services could simply be accessed through an app. Consumers would buy their own devices and access cable services the way they would access Netflix. Some budget-conscious consumers are cutting their ties to cable (and the hassle that comes with it); there are already those who opt for streaming services such as Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire. But if cable became an app—and companies made it easy to own a box without sinking huge amounts of money and time—it might just be the best of both worlds.”

Read the rest of the report here.

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The New York Times meantime wrote about letting consumers use cheaper and better cable boxes.

“Connecting a set-top box to a cable line or satellite dish should be as easy as activating a new cellphone on a wireless network. Consumers should have a choice of devices, and they should be able to buy the boxes outright or pay for them through their monthly plan. And using a set-top box should not require an electronic card. Surely, cable and tech companies can come up with software that can verify that set-top boxes are being used by paying subscribers. In addition to saving people money, reducing cable companies’ control over set-top boxes could improve TV watching. Some television makers might build set-top boxes into their machine so consumers would not have to buy two devices. Tech companies like Apple and Google could create set-top boxes with easier-to-use menus. Device makers might also offer consumers the ability to simultaneously search for entertainment on cable and Internet-based services like Netflix and Hulu.”

Go read the whole article here.

So are you ready to get rid of your cable box?

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