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Deep Cleaning an Electric Stove

How to Clean an Electric Stove


Cleaning your electric stove makes it more energy efficient. (Photo Credits)

Is your electric stove getting greasy and is full of gunk?

Fret not, because there are great ways to spruce it up and make it look like new.

Apartment Therapy shared a technique on how to deep clean an electric stove using cleansers that can be found in any home’s kitchen cupboard. Electrician 

“Does your pot frequently runneth over? If you’re part of the regularly-sets-off-the-smoke-alarm-while-cooking-dinner club, chance are your stove burners are in desperate need of attention. Whether it’s your fault, or the previous tenants’, the burners aren’t going to clean themselves. Or are they? Well, yes, and no. You can set your burners to high, remove any pots or pans, and let them burn off any caked-on food for a few minutes- but this technique can only go so far. To get a really good, deep-down, clean-clean, you’ll need to actually remove the burners from the stove and use some good old-fashioned elbow grease.”

Check out the step by step instructions here.

All you need is Baking Soda

Lifehacker on the other hand meantime emphasized that all you need to clean a greasy and gunky electric stove is baking soda.

“Kitchen accidents happen. Whether it’s the occasional boil-over or a big spill, your electric stove burners are bound to get a little gunked up after awhile. When a simple wiping won’t do, turn to the do-anything household multi-tasker: baking soda.”

Check out the procedure here.

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The website meanwhile shard a detailed way of cleaning electric stove coils. Electrical Contractors 

“Even the best chefs and most careful cooks often find that they have drizzled little food our sauce on their stove burner. I am neither a chef nor careful when I’m whipping up dinner. Nevertheless, no matter how methodical you are while cooking, spills and accidents happen. When spills find their way to the coils, you’ll usually know it right away by the smell, burn, and even some smoke. The best thing to do when a spill happens is to clean it as soon as possible after the stove cools. But, if you can’t do that, add “clean the stove” to your cleaning schedule so you are sure to clean it before it becomes caked on too much.”

Read the step-by-step guide here.

When was the last time you cleaned your stove?

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