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What you may want to know about Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Spiral Bulb

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Some sectors are questioning the safety of the Energy-Efficient Light bulbs

The website Natural Health Center shared in one of its posts, concerns over what it described as possible adverse health risks Energy Efficient Light Bulbs pose to its users. Build Safe

“In our zeal to protect the environment, most of us have now replaced our old conventional light bulbs with the new energy efficient models. Unfortunately, we are now learning the new bulbs come with significant health risks. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has actually issued an emergency protocol to be followed if a bulb breaks, as a broken bulb releases twenty times the maximum safe level of mercury into the air.”

The website enumerated the possible health risks here.

Dispose with care

Healthy Life Vision raised the same concern in its website. It advised its readers to properly dispose of Energy Efficient Lightbulbs so as not to endanger anyone who may come into contact with broken bulbs.

“These bulbs are so toxic that should not be thrown in the regular trash. They are hazardous waste. If you break one in the house, open the windows and doors and leave the house at least 15 minutes in order to minimize exposure to toxic gases.”

Read the rest of the report here.

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Electrician In Canada, an organization has already been calling for the safe disposal of Energy Efficient Lightbulbs as reported by media organization CTV Toronto. “According to the Recycling Council of Ontario, most consumers are not safely disposing the energy-efficient bulbs that contain approximately five milligrams of mercury each. The heavy metal has been shown to cause brain damage if inhaled or ingested.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

So how do you dispose your busted light bulbs at home?

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