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Make your Own Table Lamp

The Art of making a DIY Table Lamp

How to Make a Camera Lamp

Why not make your own table top lamp? (Photo Credits)

When you want to be greeted by a more fun or glamorous looking table lamp but do not have the budget to buy a new one, you might as well take the DIY route. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies shared over a dozen ideas on how to make your own table to lamp or whatever you want to call that thing that illuminates your favorite spot in your house.

“If you’ve ever experienced dorm room lighting, you know it’s not ideal. When we stepped into my younger sister’s dorm room for the first time during her freshmen year of college, I was shocked to see some dim lights in the ceiling, but basically nothing else. No lamp by the bunk bed, no light in the closet, nothing. Granted, this was a state college, but still! It was dark in there! Lighting is something that you pretty much have to take care of yourself, but why buy a plain and boring lamp from Wal-Mart when you could make your own lit-up objects? These DIY lighting projects are all super fun and will not only make your room brighter, but they’ll also add some much-needed decorations. Decor with a purpose! And don’t worry – anyone can do these, whether you’re in a dorm room or your bedroom at home”

Check out the lighting projects here.

Easy but pretty

Electrical Contractors Feel It Cool meantime shared DIY Table Lamp Ideas that are easy to make and at the same time, could make your house look all the more fabulous.

“If you are looking for a new lamp to add to your home interior, think twice before you spend money on that. We tend to spend more than we can afford, so be cool and make the things that you need on your own. The results are priceless! Why buying a new lamp when you can do it yourself? There are so many ways of how to incorporate this idea to your home interior. Today, we suggest to use empty bottles in order to make amazing lamps.”

Take a look at the DIY Projects here.

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If you are however thinking of upcycling your children’s toys then you might want to check out this post shared by Shelterness.Com
“Ryan McElhinney has come up with a very nice idea to reuse some old toys you probably have lying around. The idea is to make a tabletop lamp from them, a lampshade and a cord set. To make the lamp you need to arrange the toys to form a nice looking base and bond them together using hot glue or any other glue you think would work. Don’t forget to put the cord through this base and fix a bulb on the top.”

Read the rest of the instructional guide here.

So what type of table lamp would you like?

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