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Ultra-Modern Television Set

What would be in store for the TV Set?

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How modern could it get? (Photo Credits) 

TV Sets have gone a long way. From very bulky appliances to what is now seemingly a thin frame that can even be hung on a wall. Electrical Contractors 

British Website the Daily Mail says this could even get thinner. “Scientists have created the world’s thinnest light bulb using the wonder material graphene, in a layer just one atom thick. Graphene – a form of carbon – has been heralded as having a vast range of uses. The ability for the super-thin material to produce light is seen as a key step to create super-thin computer and TV screens.”

Check out the photos and the rest of the article here.

So Small, so Modern

The TV has become so modern and compact that you could even hold it in the palm of your hands. Android Headlines shared a latest development as announced by multimedia company Sony. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies  

“Television tuners have yet to make much of an impact in the mobile market for a couple of reasons with power consumption as a major one. Sony’s new digital tuner still looks like it will a relatively heavy power consumer but every improvement is welcome, however I see the new EW100 as being perfect for those larger devices such as a full size tablet, or indeed finding a place in an in-car entertainment centre. I am not so persuaded I would have so much value for it in my smartphone but I’m confident that some markets will be seeing devices with this unit installed in the not-too-distant future. Sony clearly believe this too as it’s being packaged up with support and the necessary drivers.”

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In China, a man thinks too much about the TV that he filed a lawsuit against a TV personality for allegedly staring at him through the TV as shared by British website Unilad.

“A man in China has sued an actress for staring at him with her big eyes through the TV screen, claiming she has caused him ‘spiritual damage’. According to China Daily, this guy filed the lawsuit against Chinese actress Zhao Wei in the People’s Court of Shanghai Pudong New District, and it’s caused quite the splash online. Users on China’s biggest micro-blogging platform Sina Weibo were quick to mock the blatant absurdity of the court case.

Check out the whole story here.

How do you imagine the future of TV?

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