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What you do not know about Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Trivia

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What Ceiling Fans can do. (Photo Credits)

Ceiling fans are usually a fixture in the house that hardly gets the attention of homeowners unless it gets too dirty or broken.

But there are many things that ceiling fans can do, apart from helping cool down an area.

Tip Hero for instance shared that Ceiling Fans can actually help warm up a home during the winter. Build Safe    

“In the winter, you can get the reverse effect by switching the way the ceiling fan blows. Instead of having the blades turn so that the fan blows down, you want the fan to draw the air upward. All you have to do to achieve this effect is to flip a switch that should be located near the pull chain. This will make the fan blades spin in the opposite direction and bring warm air down from the ceiling, circulating heat around the room.”

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Electrician  Ceiling Fans can also generate electricity, at least according to the website 101 Ways to Survive. “A video on the ceiling fan to wind generator conversion I haven’t made a full working one yet this is a video describing basically how people are converting them over to a low rpm wind generator. If your going to build one try and find a large ceiling fan with the highest input wattage the fan in this video is only 60watts.”

Check out the video here.

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Viral Nova meantime shared that Ceiling fans can also be a decorative element for nurseries. “Reddit user pippx wanted to give her son, Henry, something really special for his first birthday. Instead of a toy he might outgrow, though, she gave him something that would last: the galaxy! Well, kind of. She devised a way to turn the ceiling fan in his room into a beautiful painting of the night sky, and did so using just spray paint, stencils, and some artistic flair.”

Check out the step-by-step instructional here.

So what can your ceiling fan do?

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