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Why Homeowners Should Regularly Trim Tree Branches near Power Lines

Be Wary of Trees near Power Lines

Utility Firms Spearhead Tree Trimmings to Avoid Outages and Accidents

The Branches and the Power Lines

Tree branches amid power lines can be very dangerous. (Photo credits: Amanda, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Homeowners with large trees near electrical lines should regularly trim their tree branches.Find an Electrician in San Diego

Chula Vista Electrical Repair Center. reports that a fallen tree branch has caused a small electrical fire in its area. “A fallen tree limb knocked down a power line from a utility pole on Friday night, starting a small electric fire in a yard at 150 North Seneca Road. The Oak Ridge police and fire departments blocked the road until the Oak Ridge Electric Department was able to respond and shut off the power.” Poway Circuit Breaker Repair

Lakeside Electrician Services. Read the whole story here.

But apart from fires, tree branches falling on electrical lines also cause power outages. Electricians Servicing Escondido.

In Mississippi, reported that a local utility firm has moved to trim or remove trees that are next to power lines. In its report, it quoted an official of the utility firm as saying that “Fallen limbs or trees can cut power to hundreds or thousands of people at a time, and that’s why you see crews at work throughout the year in all conditions.” Read the whole story here.

Tree trimming near power lines have also been undertaken in Tampa, Florida. In its blogsite, Tampa Electric said this is being done to balance the good that trees bring in the community, and the risks it poses for continuous electrical supply. “We hate having to remove trees, but we are obligated to comply with the new federal standards.”  Big List of Electrician Services. Read the whole story here.

Builders and Contractors. With this homeowners should be wary if the trees in their area may have branches or limbs that could affect power lines. This is because these could not only cause outages, but could also lead to damage or loss of properties, or could give way to tragic accidents.


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Thursday, April 23, 2015

El Cajon CA Plumbing Repair Center

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Plumbing problems on Thanksgiving

It’s this time of the year again when we all have to get that turkey out and have it roasted. Thanksgiving may be one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States but is also considered the busiest day for our plumbers. True enough. Plumbing in San Diego

Apart from family gatherings and dinners, Thanksgiving may mean too much work in the kitchen. We are not just talking about the holiday preparation here but the aftermath as well. Chula Vista Residential Plumbing

By cooking the turkey, we need to get rid of the fat and draining it down the kitchen sink which clogs the pipes and trapping the food scraps.

San Marcos Plumber BDP. This is where all the stress happens.

Cooks, sometimes inexperienced, overload garbage disposals with potato peelings, pumpkin pulp and other food waste. They fail to use enough water to flush them down the pipes, then put cooking grease and oil in the mix.

“Before you know it, they’ve sent a large slug of semi-solid material down, and it just stops,” said Chuck White, vice president of technical services at the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association, an industry group.

Congealed grease can harden into a consistency like candle wax or clay. Stringy pumpkin pulp takes on an epoxy-like hardness when dry.

source: Reuters

 The problem doesn’t stop there. Since Thanksgiving is a time for families, expect a handful of house guests (if you have a big family). People using the toilet and bathroom sink may dump trash suck as wipes and cotton balls. Del Mar Residential Plumber

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported in 2004 that grease is the No. 1 cause of blocked sewers, at 47 percent of stoppages. In New York, the nation’s biggest city, grease causes 62 percent of blockages, according to a 2013 report by the city’s environmental department.

Blockages cause sewers to overflow. The EPA report said that there were between 23,000 and 75,000 U.S. sanitary sewer overflows a year, discharging up to 10 billion gallons (38 billion liters) of raw sewage.

Adam Krantz, managing director for government and public affairs at the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, put the price tag for clearing blockages at hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Grease is “a very big issue,” he said.

source: Reuters

Population grew, problem worsened

Encinitas Residential Plumber. The problem has worsened as the US population grew while the pipes and sewer system have become fragile. Some plumber would put in more than 12 hours of work to help customers prepare for the holiday.

Clog-preventing tips

Here are some helpful tips you can do to avoid disaster, follow these and avoid the hassle. Plumbing Info

  • For houses with too many guests, allow a few minutes between showers to give time for the drains to be free.
  • When cooking or after cooking, never pour cooking oils or fats down the drain. They solidify causing the pipes to clog. Instead, wipe them with paper towels and throw them in trash.
  • Place a trash can inside the bathroom and remind house guests to use it for any garbage. Don’t throw pads, hair or cotton balls in the toilet.

OSHA Plumbers Since it is the busiest time of the year, it is important that you contact your local plumber even before the guests arrive to ensure that any problem will be addressed ahead of time.

BDP Air Conditioning & HVAC Chula Vista, CA
BDP Air Conditioning & HVAC Lakeside, CA
BDP Air Conditioning & HVAC El Cajon, CA
BDP Air Conditioning & HVAC La Mesa
BDP Air Conditioning & HVAC Lakeside, CA

Plumbers at Ace Contractors provide full plumbing service in San Diego area. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

photo credit:



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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Using Compact Fluorescent Lamps

The Pros and Cons of using CFL Lamps

Should you make the switch?

Day 69 - CFL Bulbs

If you haven’t, should you make the switch? (Photo Credits: Karin Beil, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Consumers are bombarded with the calls to switch to using Compact Fluorescent Lamps, and they heed the call. But do homeowners really know the advantages and disadvantages of using one? Local Electricians San Diego underscores the energy efficiency that CFL lamps boast of. “CFLs use 75% less energy and put off 75% less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs, and last 10 times longer.”  Read the whole article here.

La Mesa Electrician Office. And while the energy efficiency remains to be the key selling point of CFLs, some quarters are questioning its effect on the health of the consumers. Poway’s Electrician Office

For instance, the Baseline of Health Foundation, has reported that CFL use may possibly cause skin cancer. “To make matters worse, a German study found that CFL bulbs emit not just radiation, but cancer causing chemicals including phenol, naphthalene, and styrene when switched on. The study, out of Alab Laboratory in Berlin, advised that CFLs should be used only for short periods of time, only in well-ventilated areas, and only out of range of human heads.”El Cajon Service Electrician

Oceanside Electrical Repair. Read the whole report here.

Apart from emission, some sectors are also wary about the mercury that is inside CFLs. Electricians. In Ontario, for instance, officials are mulling the ban on CFLs in their landfills. American Solar Energy Society. “Ontario is considering a total ban on disposing of compact fluorescent light bulbs in landfills because they contain mercury which can poison the environment.” Read the story here.

In the end it will be up to the consumer on how he will weigh the pros and cons of using a CFL in his household, and to examine other options available.

 Youtube Pacific Beach Electrician


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Plumber’s heroic deed save the life of an elderly woman

A plumber in Staten Island who was on the job in Harlem came to the rescue on Tuesday after an elderly woman was trapped in a burning apartment building, according to the New York Daily News. BDP San Diego Plumber

Emergency Plumber Chula Vista. The plumber was Anthony Tatulli, 43 years old, also a pancreatic cancer survivor, was installing a sprinkler system down the block with his team from Village Plumbing and Heating when he saw flames coming out of the Frederick Douglas Boulevard building and quickly ran inside. Emergency Plumbing Poway

“Hold on, you’re going for a ride,” Anthony Tatulli, 43, told the woman before scooping her up in his arms like a baby, and carrying her down a flight of stairs and out of the Frederick Douglass Blvd building near W. 139th St. at 9:15 a.m. as flames devoured the bottom floor.

La Mesa Plumbing Office

“When something like this happens, you either react or you don’t react,” Tatulli said about the heroic save. “I didn’t think that the building could have blown up. All you think about is the task at hand.”

source: New York Daily News

According to Red Cross, the massive blaze that torn the building left 17 residents homeless. Del Mar Plumber Now

When Tatulli stepped outside, “the corner was covered in smoke,” he said.

He and two of his employees called 911 on their cellphones as they ran into the building, where they knocked on doors and kicked in windows to help people get out.

source: New York Daily News

Due to Tatulli’s quick response, he was able to find the bewildered woman in the second floor hallway.

“She was right outside her apartment door,” he remembered. “She had no idea what was going on.”

source: New York Daily News

Tautly added that what bothers him is seeing the residents being out of their homes on Thanksgiving Day.

“I feel bad that it’s Thanksgiving and they’re out of their homes,” Tatulli said. “That’s what bothers me. I’m going to have dinner with my family and some of these people won’t have a home to return to.”

source: New York Daily News

He and his teams carried out three people out and rescued several others before the first responders arrived on the scene. Plumber Wiki

About four residents suffered from severe to minor injuries and were treated at hospitals, according to the report.

138 firefighters rescued while seven of them suffered injuries. The fire was put out at around 10:30 a.m. Fire marshals are investigating the cause of the blaze which they said started in the first floor of the building. Air Conditioning

HVAC in Poway

photo credit: New York Daily News

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Use Wind Power?

Countries Are looking at Sourcing a Bigger Chunk of Energy Requirements from Wind Power

A Cheaper, Cleaner Source of Energy

Albany Wind Farm

A Wind Farm in Albany. (Photo Credits: Lawrence Murray, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

More and more nations are looking at Wind Power to supply their future energy needs.

USA Today reports that 35% of the United States’ energy requirement may be powered by wind energy in the year 2050. “The Obama administration is setting higher goals for wind power, saying it could supply 35% of the nation’s electricity by the year 2050. BBB Electricians of San Diego

Locate a Poway Electrician. Wind power currently generates 4.5% of electricity, but that number is expected to more than double to 10% by 2020, says a report obtained by USA TODAY.” Read the whole story here.

Denmark, on the other hand, who is a pioneer in harnessing wind energy, is already where the United States wants to get — even higher. Find a Escondido Electrician. In this report by, the Danish country is on target with its goal of sourcing 50% of its energy needs from Wind Power by year 2020. “The country has set a new world record for wind production by getting 39.1 percent of its overall electricity from wind in 2014.” Read more here.

Emergency Electrician Chula Vista. But why this enthusiasm over Wind Energy?

Gforce Mira Mesa Electrician Services. Apart from it being cleaner energy source, wind power apparently is also cheaper. In fact, a start-up company, as reported by, is exploring the idea of bringing wind power to the residential level. Master Electrician. “A Dutch renewable energy start-up called The Archimedes is working to solve both of those problems in a new class of small-scale wind turbine — one that is almost silent and is far more efficient at converting wind into energy. The company states that the Liam F1 turbine could generate 1,500 kWh of energy per year at wind speeds of 5m/s, enough to cover half of an average household’s energy use.”American Lighting Association. American Lighting Association

Read the whole story here.

If all the plans of the government would push through then that would mean a more efficient and greener source of sustainable energy in the near future.


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Sunday, April 19, 2015

How to Save on Air Conditioning

Four Ways to Save on Air Conditioning Cost

Tame Down Your Electricity Bills Now

Air conditioning

Split-Type Airconditioning. (Photo Credits: Jurek D. cc: Some Rights Reserved)

During the summer months, air conditioning pushes up electric meters, and why not? Most consumers need a relief from the steaming heat outside their homes.

But how do you exactly cool yourself without hiking your power bill and busting your wallet? Here are four ways:

1. Regularly maintain your Home Air conditioning System. In its Blog, The Thrifty Couple mentioned that a clean air conditioning unit saves more money. “It helps your unit to run more efficiently, which lowers your energy costs; (it) keeps your air conditioning unit in good working order to help it last longer,” it explains. They detailed an instruction on how to clean your unit here.

BBB Electrician Poway

2. Use the Timer. Aircon timers are there for a reason. underscores in this article, the importance of using a timer if one wants to save on power costs. “You can also set the timer of your air conditioning unit to turn off earlier than usual (at least 30 minutes than usual is enough to give big savings). The room will still remain cool for a period of time even if the unit has turned off.”

Find a Chula Vista Electrician

3. Explore alternatives. YouTube has a lot of instructional videos on how to make a Do-It-Yourself airconditioning machine that will only cost you a very small fraction of an aircon’s original cost. shared this video of a DIY Airconditioning unit that will only cost $19. “This simple DIY air conditioner cools down a small area and can be made in just a few minutes out of simple parts.”

My Carlsbad Electricians

4. Go Au Naturel. Huffington Post enumerates 10 ways to keep cool without touching the A/C. Foremost on its list of tips is to close the

Oceanside Electrical Repair

San Marcos Electrician Pro Service


blinds or the curtains because the heat radiated from the outside, robs the room of cooler air. “While it’s tempting to crank up the AC or plant

Electrical Association


yourself within a couple-foot radius of the nearest fan, these certainly aren’t the only tricks for keeping cool.”

If all else fails, just turn on that A/C, and just work harder so you can keep up with the tab that is your next utility bill.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to Upcycle Used Lightbulbs

What to do with old and used light bulbs?

Used light bulbs can be turned into decorative items


Old Light Bulbs, What to do? (Photo Credits: Tom Adamson, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Once they are busted, most homeowners just dispose their used lightbulbs. Some artistic individuals though find a way to upcycle these used bulbs and turn them into functional, if not decorative pieces for the home.  Electrician came up with sixteen ways to re-use old lightbulbs. “You can transform old light bulbs into a myriad of different wonderful things. From decorations and crafts, to miniature vases or even a teeny weeny ecosystem. These are great little projects that can save you money instead of buying fancy items for your home!” See the projects here.

In her YouTube channel, Marieke Vander Maelen gave a detailed instructional video on how to make a mini-terrarium out of an old light bulb. She said “removing the top part, is the hardest part of upcycling” an old bulb. Watch it here. Electrician Career

Meantime, in his YouTube video entitled “Recycled Light Bulbs made into Vases, an easy recycling idea” Saeid Momtahan showed how vases can be made out of used bulbs. After emptying the light bulb using a long nose, Saeid reminded viewers to “wash completely the inside part and the outside part of the light bulb.” Watch the whole instructional video here. Electrician Salary

Electric West Service Area
Electric South Service Area
Electric NorthEast Service Area
Electric North Service Area
Electric East Service Area

Recycling, Upcycling, and not just throwing away stuff can help the environment and at the same time can help beautify the home. Who knows it can even generate extra income.

For a Pakistani Artist though, a Light Bulb can be decorative even before it gets upcycled. In her winning masterpiece featured in Anila Quayyum Agha proved that a single lightbulb can create a roomful of tasteful, artistic, if not cultural design. “Agha’s stunning piece is an obvious crowd-pleaser, a 6½-foot square laser-cut, black lacquer wood cube suspended from the ceiling and lit with a single light bulb that casts breathtaking 32-feet-by-34-feet shadows to create instant architecture in an otherwise empty room.” See the winning piece here.


Find a San Diego Electrician GforceElectric Here.

They may be unassuming, but  light bulbs surely still have a lot more use apart from its original purpose.

Solana Beach Electrician
Rancho Bernardo Electrician
Del Mar Electrician
San Marcos Electrician
Pacific Beach Electrician

Rancho Santa Fe Electrician

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Electrical Repair Videos

Check out some of Gforceelectric’s Service Areas in San Diego!

Awesome Service Electrical Repair Videos!

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Electrical Repair Service Areas

Check out some of Gforceelectric’s Service Areas in San Diego!

Awesome Service Electrical Repair Videos!

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Can overcharging your mobile phone be dangerous?

Recharging your Mobile Phone Safely

The Risks of Over Charging Mobile Phones

Charging iPhone

Charging Phones should be easy. Things get complicated though when they get overcharged or left unattended while charging. (Photo Credits: Frank Gruber, cc: Some Rights Reserved)


Most mobile phone owners are guilty of it, and why not? Forgetting about your mobile phone while it is charging is so easy because owners get too pre-occupied with their tasks at hand. Some even have the habit of charging their phones before going to sleep, thereby overcharging their phones on a daily basis electrician.

But is over charging your mobile phone really a bad habit?

USA Today says, it is really not too bad because “most modern smartphones do have the capacity to shut off charging once the battery is charged all the way.” They however warn that owners should not leave their phones charging overnight. Watch the video here.

Apart from wearing out the batteries, leaving your phone unattended while charging pose other dangers too.
Electrician West Service Area
Electrician South Service Area
Electrician NorthEast Service Area
Electrician North Service Area
Electrician East Service Area

In its YouTube channel, The National featured a young lady who woke up to an explosion on her bed, and later found out that the explosion came from her smartphone. She had to put out the fires on her mattress and duvet. The National then reports that “the cellphone battery exploded, causing fire in an Ontario woman’s bedroom.” Watch the video here.

Even worse was this report from the Miami Herald which talked about a woman whose face was injured when her cellphone exploded while she was using it in the gym. “An exploding cellphone injured a woman at a Hialeah Gardens Boulevard gym, WSVN reported. The blast, which drew the Miami-Dade bomb squad, electrician safety happened Tuesday night in the treadmill area of Planet Fitness.”

To be on the safe side, experts advice not to overcharge cellphone batteries, discharge batteries regularly, use only original batteries on your phones as opposed to imitation, and never put your phones on surfaces that may prevent the phone from exhausting heat or cooling off.

San Diego Electrician
La Jolla Electrician
El Cajon Electrician
Chula Vista Electrician

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NorthEast Service Area

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Why You Should Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances are the Way to Go


There are Energy Efficiency Guides in Appliance Displays. (Photo Credits: Andy Melton, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

 Emergency Electrician 24 Hour

Just how important is it to buy Energy Efficient Appliances? Is it really worth it? explains that although energy-efficient appliances are generally more expensive than ordinary appliances, these greener “machines” become more cost efficient in the long run. “In life (and energy-efficient appliances), you get what you pay for. Sometimes, it’s wise to spend more upfront to save on costs well into the future.” Find their detailed review here.

Environmental Benefits

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) says apart from its savings benefit to homeowners, energy efficient appliances also do a lot of good for the country in general. “Energy efficiency standards lead to an abundance of benefits for Americans. Thanks to existing standards, U.S. electricity use is projected to be about 14 percent lower by 2035 than it would have been otherwise and total net savings from existing appliance and equipment standards will exceed $1 trillion.” also underscored the environmental benefits of using energy efficient appliances in the same article.

But how would you know if the appliances that you are about to purchase are energy efficient? San Marcos location It is easy apparently according to this video from 49M.

Northern Service Areas

NorthEast Service Areas

Energy efficient appliances are definitely the way to go when choosing home appliances. Apart from the cost-benefit to each homeowner, the advantages that it has for the environment, and the national resources are aplenty.Carlsbad ,CA

Northern Vista Electrician California

El Cajon Electrician Service
Lakeside Electrician Repair
Mira Mesa Electrician Repair

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HVAC Air Conditioning and Heating

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HVAC Service San Diego, CA

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Plumber Service Escondido

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Plumber Service San Marcos

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Plumber Service Poway

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Plumber Service Chula Vista

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Electrician Service Carlsbad

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Electrician Service Escondido

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BlueDiamondPlumber San Diego

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Electrician Service Chula Vista

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GforceElectric San Diego

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Emergency Electrician Service Poway

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Electrician Service El Cajon

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Electrician Service El Cajon

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- Professionally Trained Electricians
– Residential & Commercial – 24 Hours / 7 Days
– Always Prompt, Honest, & Reliable


Over 10,000 Satisfied Clients
Read what Customers have to say

Why Choose Green Electric Solutions?

Free Estimates
Free Home Safety Inspections
We Answer the Phone 24/7
60 Minute Service
Free Over-The-Phone Help
All Our Work Guaranteed in Writing
Details Upon Request for Warranties

What are the Electrical Solutions we offer?

Aluminum Wiring
Ceiling Fan Installation
Commercial Electrical
Electrical Panel Upgrades
Free Home Safety Inspections
Generator Installations

Remodels and Renovations
Cloth Insulated Wire
Commercial Electrical
Commercial Solar Panels
Free Electrical Estimates
and more….


“I called Green Electric to fix my circuit breaker and they did an awesome job! Their staff was prompt, courteous, and cleaned up after themselves. Definitely Recommended A+!” -Angie. S, San Diego

Electrician Service El Cajon

Serving the Community

When any of the 100,460 residents of El Cajon, CA calls Green Electric Solutions, you are receiving quality electrical service that comes from 20 years of experience. Because we are locally owned and operated, we have worked with many of the city’s homeowners, business owners, and contractors time and time again. The electricians that show up to offer assistance have both a personal and professional investment in your electrical needs. Yes, they want to get the job done as requested, but they also want to provide excellent services that enrich the community.

The Electric Work We Do

If you are in need of an El Cajon electrician, Green Electric Solutions is the best choice. For starters, in an emergency situation, we can get out to you in one hour’s time. We show up promptly with all the equipment and materials needed to complete the job at hand. We are thoroughly skilled as leaders in electrical services so you can depend on us to figure out the problem and devise a solution without giving you the run around. Our initial estimates are absolutely free and you will get the information you need to make a decision in writing. From generator installations to commercial solar panels, we are experts at delivering terrific service at fair prices.

Our Promise To Our El Cajon Customers

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance here at Green Electric. We pride ourselves on offering telephone assistance anytime of the day or night to respond to our customer’s electrical questions and concerns. We hold a high standard for maintaining the traits of integrity, dedication, and honesty to our customers which keeps them coming back. Our commitment to the El Cajon community and Southern California as whole has resulted in over 10,000 satisfied customers and counting. If you need a top-of-the-line electrical assistance, entrust your home or business to a team of professionals who have your best interests in mind. Contact a representative for fast and friendly service today!
Scripps Ranch Electrician
Gforce Electric

gforce el cajon electrician

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Massive Power Black Out Scenarios

The threat is real: Massive and Extended Power Black-outs Can Happen


Massive power outages can happen. (Photo Credits: “Blackout” by Alec Perkins, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Although temporary, losing power or electricity in the house is one of the biggest hassles for homeowners. Massive blackouts though are a different matter, as it is widespread and it happens for an extended period of time.

In Bangladesh for example, reported a nationwide total blackout when their power grid collapsed. “Imagine what happens when electricity is cut off nationwide in a country of 160 million people. In Bangladesh, everyday life was brought to a standstill on Saturday as factories, hospitals, and homes plunged into darkness or had to rely on generators.”

Read the whole story here, to find out that the threat is real: massive and extended power black-outs can happen.

Failure in transporting electricity via transmission lines was the reported culprit of this black-out. It has been known as one of the world’s worst in recent history.

Projections and Preparations are Being Done

In response to these, some countries have said that projections and preparations are being done with regard to possible massive blackout scenarios in their respective nations.

In the United States for instance, the bitter winter last year caused fears of massive blackouts. in this report, says the winter will push a high energy demand that might use up back up energy reserves. “Most of those coal-fired power plants are owned by American Electric Power (AEP), the country’s biggest owner of coal-burning power plants. AEP is being forced to close down almost a quarter of its coal-fired generating plants over the next 10 months.”

But do people know what to do in case of massive power black outs?

In South Africa, the government has laid out an intricate plan to respond to massive power outages specifically a possible power grid collapse.

Mybroadband reports that doomsday plans are now in place. “South Africa’s top leaders will also be moved to safety. Reuters reported that president Jacob Zuma and his cabinet would be taken to a secret location if a blackout occurred.”

Read the whole story here.

In the face of these possible scenarios, homeowners are told to prepare themselves and their families. Find a San Diego Electrician Here. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Check out our Pacific Beach Electrician

See Our Encinitas Electrician

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Friday, April 3, 2015

How to avoid clogged drains

Avoiding Clogged Drains

Friday Flickr Foto #45

Unclogging the kitchen sink drain is so much harder compared to just ensuring that food bits, grease and oil, do not go down your drain on a daily basis. (Photo Credits: Will Powell, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Four easy ways to ensure that clogged drains will not bother your household

Clogged drains are the most common plumbing problems in a household. While some cases can be solved by Do-It-Yourself methods, some are so severe they affect the plumbing system of a part of the house.

But as they say, prevention is better than cure. It is less expensive and less time-consuming to avoid clogging a home’s drainage than it is to have it repaired.

Here are four ways to avoid clogged drains:
1. Do Routine Maintenance. This exercise does not involve any expense at all, and is very easy. advises homeowners to pour a gallon of boiling water in their drainage systems every two weeks. “This helps loosen any hair or gunk clogging the main pathway and push down. After you do this, be sure to run regular warm water for about five minutes just to continue pushing everything as far down and out as you can get it.”

2. Use a Hair Trap. A great way of avoiding clogged drains according to is by setting up a hair trap. This is because hair is the most common culprit of bathroom drainage problems. “A lot of the hair that comes from our bodies will end up in the drain and can cause major clogs over time.”

3. Be mindful of left-over food on the kitchen sink. A key culprit in most kitchen sink clogging, says, are food bits, and even grease and oil. These terrible three, so to speak, cause the backing-up of the kitchen sink drainage. “Do not treat the drain system like a trash can. Collection material that may accumulate to cause a clog before it goes down the drain.”

4. Lock Toiled Lids. If you have very young children in the house, this is your best bet to avoid toilet drainage problems. relates that most of the item found on toilet drain lines are children’s toys and other random objects most likely thrown in by a child. “Small children simply love seeing things disappear down the magical hole.”
If a homeowner would just take time to do preventive measures to avoid drain problems, then a lot of money and energy could be saved, not to mention the stress of having clogged drains could also be avoided.


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Professional Plumbers – When to Call One

Here is a list of situations where you would want to consider hiring a professional plumber in san diego to help you out

When any Plumbing issue crops up, most of the folks prefer to discover a way out on their own. Even though, do-it-yourself is not a bad practice, since it involves loads of excitement and fun. But at the same time, it is also true that there’re some issues which a layman cannot tackle in a proper way due to the lack of technical knowledge regarding the problem.

In such circumstances, there are high chances that a person will spend more money on getting the chore done by his/her self as compared to the fee that a professional technician usually charge. Before trying to resolve any issue, it is imperative to go through these common issues, which can only be tackled by a professional and qualified Plumber in an effective manner.

How to get rid of plumbing drain Clogs

It might be possible to fix some clogs, but in order to deal with the complicated ones, it is better to get the services of a professional. For instance, clogs occur deep down in the gigantic pipes, which cannot be accessed without appropriate tools. Similarly, if clogging happens outside the home, then only qualified plumbers can fix this issue. Basically, they have the advanced tools, which are specially devised to clean up different pipes of varied sizes. Furthermore, the professionals do not only eradicate the clogs, but they also ensure that such congests would occur any time in future.

HVAC air conditioning installation and DIY guides

The installation of different appliances like Air Conditioning might look DIY thing and some expert DIY-ers could also do this job just fine. However, those folks who do not have prior experience and enough knowledge of such tasks should leave this job to the pros. The employment of the qualified experts is highly recommended if a person wants the installation of any product or appliance in a timely and accurate manner. Basically, proficient plumbers have the right kinds of tools and all the other things, such as nuts and bolts of perfect size, which are generally required in the installations.

Leak Detection in Plumbing pipes

Those leaks which are absolutely visible could be fixed, simply by getting to the root of it. While on the other hand, if the leakage is occurring in the form of an outlandish water puddle, then still it is considered a leak which occurs underneath the surface. It should be kept in mind that leakages do not merely happen to the pipes. The best solution to counter this issue is by calling a professional and let them examine the water tanks and drains, so that the precise location of leakage can be pinpointed.


Drain Cleaning for Blocked Drains

The roots of the trees, hair, food particles and other debris often cause the blockages in the drains. In result, the drain can’t carry out the water from the house. Consequently, it leads to problems like bad odor and in worse scenarios; it can also cause the dirty water to hark back in the drain. The professional plumbers should be contacted for the Drain Cleaning.

Upgrading your HVAC or Air conditioning system San Diego

The best way to take up the process of the upgradation of the HVAC systems, sinks, air conditioners, pipelines or any other products like them is by employing the services of licensed and certified technicians.



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Organize Power Cords using Household Items

Four Easy Ways to Organize Power Cords using Household Items

Organizing Power Cords is Easy and Does Not Cost Much

Wire tangle

(Photo Credits: XWRN, cc: some rights reserved)
Power cords can be unsightly in a household or office especially if they are loose, or worse tangled. It should not be that way though because even ordinary household items can help in organizing these wires. In fact organizing power cords is easy and does not cost much.

Here are four easy, and low-cost ways to organize those power cords, before they turn into a very unsightly mess that harbors dust:

1. Bread Clips. The good news is you do not have to spend much just to make your cords look neat. relates that even bread clip that come free with every loaf that you buy, can be used to fix your cord problems. “Use a pen to write what a cable is for on a bread clip and then clip it to the cable near the power outlet or computer. That way you can see at a glance what each cable does without getting up.”

2. Clothespins. Yet another humble household staple that could be used to organize power cords. The suggests that after labelling the cords for what they are used for, these could then be bound using clothespins. “Put a little piece of washi tape on the end of the cord and marked which device was its match. Then, I used a clothespin to neatly wrap each cord and secure it.”

3. Breadbox. Yes you read it right, you can use a breadbox to organize power cords, and even put away phones while they are charging. shared this trick of organizing unsightly gadgets that are being charged. “Just drill a hole in the back, thread a power strip cord through it, and close it down to hide the mess!”

4. Houseplants. If you want to take the organizing and hiding of the power cords a notch higher then why not heed this advice from In this video, they shared that “In just about 15 minutes, a green florist tape… and an artificial vine… can turn a power cord into a look-alike house plant.”

Organizing power cords should not be expensive and hard. These tips are a testament that one just needs to put in a little time and effort to make things look more organized.


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Four Ways to Keep Your Home Plumbing System In Good Condition

How to keep your plumbing system in good health

It is definitely frustrating when your home’s plumbing system is having issues. While one could always ring up the experts to remedy the situation for you, it  is always better that homeowners remain pro-active in keeping their plumbing systems in good working condition.

With this, here are five ways to ensure that your house plumbing system remains in tip-top shape:

1. Drain water heating tanks regularly. reminds homeowners to drain water from their heating tanks to prevent sediment build-up from eventually clogging the home’s waterpipes. “You should drain all of the water out of the tank of your hot water heater at least once every three to six months. Draining all of the water out of the tank helps to prevent sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank. This sediment can cause the tank to bang or to heat less efficiently.” Read the rest of their tips here.

2. Maintain your home’s drainage systems. on the other hand advises homeowners to clean drains completely of dirt. “Obviously, there is no way to keep your drains completely clear of dirt. Regular cleaning will help combat hair and grease build up though. Every month, pour a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar down your drain. After five minutes, run hot water to loosen debris.” They have rounded up three more tips in this post.

3. Avoid clogging the toilet. outlined three ways to prevent a clogged toilet, as a way of ensuring that homes maintain a good plumbing system. “If you’ve ever dealt with a clogged toilet, then you understand when we say that it’s probably something you never want to experience again. The good news is there’s a few measures you can take to minimise the risk of it occurring.”

4. Protect your plumbing system even if you are away from home. reminds homeowners not to forget about maintaining their plumbing system even when they are on vacation. “While on vacation plumbing disasters can happen. That is why it is so important to take the proper precautions and protect your home’s plumbing system while on vacation.” They rounded up seven useful tips here in keeping your plumbing in good working condition while you are on vacation.
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Plumbing problems haunt even the best and most conscious of households. So while making sure that you know to maintain, and respond to plumbing emergencies, it would be best if you also have beforehand, contact information of a reliable and reputable plumbing company that could help you anytime.

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