Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Many Uses of A Curling Iron

The Mini Appliance that does Wonders to the Hair

Day 211

The curling iron can do more than curling the hair. Photo Credits

A Curling Iron is one of the beauty mini appliance must haves of a good number of ladies who may want to sport a new look every now and then.

This portable electronic device is commonly used in salons, and households alike. Build Safe

Buzzfeed Life for instance shared 21 tips and Tricks in using a Curling Iron. “Avoid throwing your curling iron across the room in frustration with these helpful tips. Seriously, don’t throw hot things, it’s dangerous…For tighter curls, a small-barreled iron is your best bet. For looser waves, try a large-barreled iron.

Check out the 20 other tips here.

Curling Iron Hacks

In its website, the Beauty Department meantime shared a trick on how to make it appear that you have blow-dried your hair using a handy curling iron. “IT’S HARD to blowout your own hair and you can never quite get the same angles that a pro can get. This is much easier on the arms and often less “puffy” thanks to the tools being used. Okay, let’s skip blow-drying and get into faux drying!”

Read the step-by-step instructions here.

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Buzzit on the other hand corrected some common wrong uses of a curling iron. Electrical Contractors

“You’re Probably Using Your Curling Iron Wrong. Here Are 23 Tips To Do It Right… If you’re trying to get a perfectly bouncy head of hair, try these hacks for the curls you’ve always wanted. Know what kind of look you’re going for and use the iron with the right barrel size for that look.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

So are you using your curling iron right and have you maximized its full potential?

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Do-it-Yourself Torch Light

How to make your own torch lights

Lights On

It is not that complicated so yes, you ca make your own too. Photo Credits

You will never know when an emergency will strike, hence it is best to have a know-how in making emergency lighting devices.
The website shared a step-by-step instruction guide complete with photos on how to make a Do-It-Yourself torch light, perfect for extended power black outs.

“This is a very simple led torch light that uses the series connection of a led, a switch, a resistor and a 9 volt battery. It is very handy to use when there is no light. To make the torch brighter the number of LEDs can be added.”

Check out the instructions here.

Easy to Make

Youtube channel DIY Tech is also teaching its viewers how to make their own Torch Light.Build Safe

“In this video you will be learning about Lithium-ion Battery Cell repair guide, and how to charge them again for your Electronics Projects! Battery Power Ratings: 3.7v – 4.2v”

Electrical Contractors. Watch the video tutorial here.

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If you just want to light up your garden, then DIY Home Things has eleven Do-It-Yourself Projects for you.

“Tiki torches are a practical and fun way to light up outdoor spaces. Tiki torches not only add a luminescent glow to summer nights, but they are also an innovative way to keep pesky bugs at bay. The large bamboo style tiki torches have made way for some innovative small tiki torches which can be fashioned from old bottles. Tiki torches which are crafted from empty wine bottles or mason jars are an awesome idea to enliven nighttime parties in your backyard. It is extremely easy to create.”

Read the rest of the article here.

So are you ready to make your own DIY Torch Lights?



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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hemp Plant as Potential Energy Storage

Batteries and Stored Energy


Storing Energy in Batteries. Photo Credits

Batteries store energy and help people in a lot of levels, and so more and more research is being done on how to store energy to attain the maximum benefits of batteries.

The website The Mind Unleashed for instance shared a new study n hem being a potential powerful energy storage. “As hemp makes a comeback in the U.S. after a decades-long ban on its cultivation, scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted as the model material for supercapacitors.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Unconventional Use

An unconventional use of car battery was meantime shared by website Speed Society. It featured the use of a jumper cable and car batteries as a do-it-yourself emergency welding equipment when you find yourself needing to do a welding job while at a remote location.

“When it comes to welding, a decent amount of equipment is necessary to get the job done. Unfortunately, if you find yourself out on the trails, that equipment isn’t the easiest in the world to haul around. Instead of bringing a big, clunky welder with you everywhere you go, there’s another option that could manage to get you out of a bind in a hurry using only what you have on hand!”

Electrician. Check out the DIY Video here.

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Lithium batteries on the other hand, are also very useful, but could be very deadly for young children. BBC.Com featured a story on a pediatrician warning parents not to leave around button sized batteries as ingesting such could be fatal for very young children. Build Safe

“The most serious cases are associated with Lithium button batteries larger than 20mm (the size of a 10 pence piece) which can cause severe injury within two hours. And they do not have to be damaged, crushed or chewed to cause serious harm.”

Read the rest of the report here.

Parents have to be wary about these batteries because according to the pediatrician in the report, those who have survived, still suffered life-changing injuries.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Keyboards of the Future

The Latest on Keyboards

The Great Leap Forward

The evolution of keyboards. (Photo Credits)

Typing away in the computer the whole day can get a bit dull and boring. But not until you see the latest trends in electronic keyboards.
Website for instance featured this modern keyboard that was said to be invented to make its users type even faster. “Frustrated with the limitations of the traditional QWERTY layout, McEnaney spent the last decade designing a new one. Considering that the universal key arrangement was designed in the typewriter age — patented in 1878 — an alternative seems due. This one’s inspired by a bee.”

Electrician. Take a look at the bee-inspired keyboard here.

Type in the Fun

Geeks of the world will meantime unite with this new aluminum additional keys in a keyboard. Trends website featured various keys which include that of starwars, captain America, the avengers, and many others.

“The Nerdy Keyboard Keys Of Your Dreams Are Here.”

Check out the aluminum add-ons here.

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The ultimate boredom buster though is to take the keyboard out of the computer and use it elsewhere, in a totally different setting.Electrical Contractors

Time Magazine shared to its online readers, this foldable keyboard manufactured by Microsoft. “For heavy-duty writing on the go, regular keyboards are too big, while touchscreen keyboards are too small. But Microsoft is betting that is new, foldable keyboard will be just right. Microsoft unveiled the Universal Foldable Keyboard on Monday, a thin, lightweight keypad that folds down the middle. Unfold the keyboard and it automatically powers on and connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled phones or tablets. The battery lasts upwards of three months on a single charge, according to Microsoft.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Trends like these at least provide a break in the routine, if not mechanical way of working with the computer.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Repurposing Chest Freezers

Converting a Chest Freezer into an Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Chest freezer of breast milk

Extra Chest Freezer in the garage? Turn it into an energy efficient refrigerator. (Photo Credits)

Chest Freezers are now the new efficient refrigerators – at least according to those preparing for a life off the grid.

In the Website New Life on A Homestead detailed how they converted a chest freezer into an energy efficient refrigerator that will not eat up the solar energy that they are allotting for daily use.

“In the months before purchasing our solar kit, we took measurements of how much power each of our appliances pulls using a Kill-a-Watt-Meter. After plugging our fridge into the meter for several days, we were able to determine that our upright unit was pulling about 2.25 kWh/day. With a solar system that will only produce 4-6 kW/day (assuming sunny days and clear skies), we had to find a way to reduce the load our fridge required.”

Read the step-by-step instructions on how to convert your chest freezer into a ref here.

Next Step: Organize

If you wish to try this out then you will definitely need to hone your organizing skills. shared in its website a great way of organizing your chest freezer.

“Containerizing, that favored technique of organizing gurus everywhere, comes in very handy when it’s time to set your chest freezer in order. Just as packing cubes make packing for vacation easier, so does dividing your frozen foods by type into smaller containers. If your chest freezer didn’t come with multiple boxes, bins, and baskets, you’ll need to supplement with those you buy yourself or save on hand already.”

Check out the chest freezer organizing tips here.

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The website, also shared more tips on organizing freezer chest – this time encapsulated in five great ideas. Electrical Contractors. “Chest freezers are great for stocking up on food bought on sale. But part of saving money on groceries is knowing what you already have and that’s hard if you don’t have some sort of system for keeping your freezer organized!”

Read about all these organization ideas here.

Apparently, organizing the chest freezer is simple if homeowners will use baskets, containers, and even reusable bags to ensure that everything has its own place and that these can be retrieved anytime it is needed.Build Safe

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