Friday, September 25, 2015

Innovations in Electrical Wiring

Amazing Breakthroughs

Wire star (2)

Electrical wires innovate too! (Photo Credits)

Wires are the main bridge way of electric current and it has come a long way, and a lot of innovations have sprouted from it from the time it was invented many, many years ago.

The innovations are so great that even a blind girl can get to appreciate what her father would like her to experience.

Website Independent Journal Review shared this story of an explosives expert who wired an Easter Egg for her blind daughter to experience the fun of joining an Easter Egg Hunt. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies

“So he did some internet research and connected with a man who told him how to make beeping eggs. Unfortunately, creating the eggs was extremely expensive. But because Hyche is an Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agent that works with explosives, he was able to modify the design. He built a $12 model using a switch, a piezo beeper, a 9-volt battery and battery clip. So when activated, the egg made a beeping sound which allowed Rachel to find it.”

Read the rest of this touching story here.

Wireless Computers?

Electrical Contractors

Some engineers meantime are trying to produce a computer that does not use electrical wires.

Phys.Org featured this study in one of its posts. “Stanford engineers have designed and built a prism-like device that can split a beam of light into different colors and bend the light at right angles, a development that could eventually lead to computers that use optics, rather than electricity, to carry data. They describe what they call an “optical link” in an article in Scientific Reports. The optical link is a tiny slice of silicon etched with a pattern that resembles a bar code. When a beam of light is shined at the link, two different wavelengths (colors) of light split off at right angles to the input, forming a T shape. This is a big step toward creating a complete system for connecting computer components with light rather than wires.”

Read the rest of this article here.

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Some scientists meanwhile are mimicking DNA Technology as they develop wiring systems as shared by the website IFLScience. “DNA, the molecule at the heart of life, is the most powerful and sophisticated information storage device in existence. So it’s no wonder that scientists are attempting to harness its capabilities in computing and electronics. Not only does DNA have the capacity to store vast amounts of data, but it also provides the opportunity to surpass current limitations on reducing the size of electronics.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

So what are the wiring breakthroughs you have heard of?

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Enormous Wolf Spider Takes Over a Home Electric Meter

How would you react?

Electric meter

What if a big spider camped out here? (Photo Credits)

Electric meters are extremely important in any household or establishment because it measures the amount of electricity consumed.

A homeowner in Australia though got the shock of a lifetime when she checked out her electric meter.
British website Daily Mail shared a story on how a homeowner from Queensland Australia got shocked after seeing a huge spider plus plenty of smaller spiders camping out in their electric meter.

“Members of online forum Reddit reacted with horror after a user posted a photo of the massive creepy crawly at an unknown location in the Sunshine State, accompanied with the caption: ‘Energy Australia was unable to read your meter…’ The cream and black coloured spider’s long legs covered the meter’s digital screen, while its babies surround the dials. Rentokil Pest Control confirm it’s a Wolf Spider, which are venomous with a painful bite but not lethal. Australia enjoys the company of more than 400 sub-species of Wolf Spider.”

Check out the rest of the story and the photos here.

Dreadful, Hair-Raising

Website featured the social media reaction on the dreadful photo.

“An image of the spider has gone viral since being posted on Reddit over the weekend, and according to reports, the creature was confirmed by Rentokil Pest Control to be a wolf spider.”

Electrician. Read the social media reactions here.

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Washington Weekly News also featured the Wolf Spider Story.Electrical Contractors

In the article it published, the website mentioned that “The internet has reacted with horror after a photo went viral of a massive spider and hundreds of baby spiders nestled on a Queensland electricity meter.”
Read the rest of their article here.

When was the last time you checked your electric meter?

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