Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Beauty of String Lights

String Light Decors

String of Light

Happy String Lights all-year round. (Photo Credits)

String lights are a happy way to illuminate and decorate your home all year round. It may be very popular during the holidays, but it can definitely amp up the feel of your home anytime of the year. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies  

DecoratingYourSmallSpace.Com has fantastic ideas that will definitely glam up any home. “I know most of of use string lights during the holidays, but did you know these pretty little sparklies can light up your decor all year round? Upscale hotels and restaurants use them indoors and out, regardless of the season. So we thought we’d inspire you to using these little beauties all around your home! Using string lights to decorate brings style and light into your decor, for minimal effort and cost”

Read the rest of the post here.

Super Easy, Super Nice

The website DIY Projects For Teens meantime came up with almost three dozen string light projects that will surely lighten up the mood in any place! Electrical Contractors     

“Christmas lights are not just for the holidays. If you have not seen amazing string light ideas for DIY room decor, you have to check these projects out! Crafts and ideas to fit anyone’s budget, you are sure to find the perfect awesome lighting idea for your home, dorm or apartment here.”

Check out the many photos here.

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String lights look even cooler when tied around a pole. Home Depot shared how to make a DIY Pole with a concrete base.

“For my DIY Challenge, I created DIY string light poles to hang a strand of clear globe lights across our outdoor picnic table. For this post, it really was all ’bout that bass…that concrete base.”

Check out the project here.

Have you installed string lights in your home?

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Make your Own Table Lamp

The Art of making a DIY Table Lamp

How to Make a Camera Lamp

Why not make your own table top lamp? (Photo Credits)

When you want to be greeted by a more fun or glamorous looking table lamp but do not have the budget to buy a new one, you might as well take the DIY route. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies shared over a dozen ideas on how to make your own table to lamp or whatever you want to call that thing that illuminates your favorite spot in your house.

“If you’ve ever experienced dorm room lighting, you know it’s not ideal. When we stepped into my younger sister’s dorm room for the first time during her freshmen year of college, I was shocked to see some dim lights in the ceiling, but basically nothing else. No lamp by the bunk bed, no light in the closet, nothing. Granted, this was a state college, but still! It was dark in there! Lighting is something that you pretty much have to take care of yourself, but why buy a plain and boring lamp from Wal-Mart when you could make your own lit-up objects? These DIY lighting projects are all super fun and will not only make your room brighter, but they’ll also add some much-needed decorations. Decor with a purpose! And don’t worry – anyone can do these, whether you’re in a dorm room or your bedroom at home”

Check out the lighting projects here.

Easy but pretty

Electrical Contractors Feel It Cool meantime shared DIY Table Lamp Ideas that are easy to make and at the same time, could make your house look all the more fabulous.

“If you are looking for a new lamp to add to your home interior, think twice before you spend money on that. We tend to spend more than we can afford, so be cool and make the things that you need on your own. The results are priceless! Why buying a new lamp when you can do it yourself? There are so many ways of how to incorporate this idea to your home interior. Today, we suggest to use empty bottles in order to make amazing lamps.”

Take a look at the DIY Projects here.

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If you are however thinking of upcycling your children’s toys then you might want to check out this post shared by Shelterness.Com
“Ryan McElhinney has come up with a very nice idea to reuse some old toys you probably have lying around. The idea is to make a tabletop lamp from them, a lampshade and a cord set. To make the lamp you need to arrange the toys to form a nice looking base and bond them together using hot glue or any other glue you think would work. Don’t forget to put the cord through this base and fix a bulb on the top.”

Read the rest of the instructional guide here.

So what type of table lamp would you like?

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Electric Kitchen Appliances You Would Like to Have

Dream Kitchen Appliances

KBIS 2007 Perlick Refrigeration

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one? (Photo Credits) 

When you spend a good couple of hours in the kitchen preparing food, and tidying up, you will most likely dream of having kitchen appliances that will make your life easier.

Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies Well, most will not actually fall under the category of “need,” rather it will fall under the category of “nice to have.”

Amazing Interior Design for instance featured more than a dozen kitchen appliances that most mothers or cooking hobbyists would dream of having.

A kitchen is incomplete without some cool appliances and if you are fond of cooking in a kitchen then appliances must be really important for you. So, take a look at some really cool kitchen appliances.”

Check out the appliances here.

Nice to Have meantime featured 25 kitchen appliances that most homeowners may want to have. Electrical Contractors 

From appliances that separate the yolk from the whites to bags allowing you to make grilled cheese in the toaster, there are many kitchen tools that make cooking way too simple. These appliances are definitely items you can live without, but what’s the fun in that?”

Take a look at the items here.

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The meantime shared photos of modern kitchens with cubbyholes where you could place your state-of-the-art kitchen appliances.

So many of our small appliances are indispensable. I love my stick blender, mini food processor, and juicer, but they are hard to store in my apartment kitchen. Some of them are in the pantry cabinet, others are stashed away in a storage box with other lesser-used kitchen tools, and a few sit out on our open shelving unit — meaning they have to be washed each time before they are used. If you’re in the process of making some upgrades to your kitchen, consider including a built-in appliance cubby. An appliance cubby lets you basically keep your appliances on the counter, but without it seeming like they are on the counter. Plus you can add an outlet inside the cubby to make all those electrics easier to use.”

Check out the kitchen design idea here.

What kitchen appliance would you like to have?

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Decorating Ideas using String Lights

How to Decorate with String Lights

Hanging Lights

Light up happiness, take the joy up one notch with string lights. (Photo Credits)

String lights are almost, always happy and festive to look at. And the great thing about it is that it has a lot of uses in terms of decorating your home or your commercial establishment.

It adds joy, elegance, and a feeling of being upbeat – not to mention it lights up a kids’ eye anytime, in fact even kids at heart.

Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies  DIY Ready for instance shared more than a dozen ideas on how to use string lights for decoration all-year long. “I’ve recently used string lights to decorate our patio. It crafts a cozy and starry effect that I just can’t get enough of. While sitting outside, it just came to me, what DIY decorations can I make with string lights indoors? I just had to search what I can make. Decorative string lights for bedroom sound like a pretty great idea. That’s why I’ve rounded up some cool and awesome idea we can both try to make your room stunning all year round!”

Check out the ideas here.

Take happiness up another level also came up with great ideas, which it shared in one of its posts. Electrical Contractors “String lights are often used in wedding, holiday and home decoration, and they can always make you feel warm, cozy and romantic. Check out these Cool String Lights DIY Ideas for inspiration. With a little effort your boring backyard or bedroom can also be turned into an enchanted space.”

Look at the many photos here.

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If you however want to decorate outside your home, then the best place to check out ideas are at They came up with more than two dozen outdoor lighting ideas that will just take your breath away!

Are you often recalling those beautiful string lights shining in a memorable outdoor party? So why not use them to decorate your patio, backyard or outdoor space to let these bright spots accompany you every day? Outdoor or patio string lights is really a wonder idea to brighten up your outdoor spaces. As long as you unleash your imaginations, outdoor string lights are also ideal to personalize your outdoor living space. More important, they are inexpensive and can be installed easily by yourself.”

Read and see the photos here.

Are you inspired now?

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Amazing Electric-Powered Christmas Lanterns

Holiday Lanterns that spread cheer

Christmas Lantern

Super Nice Holiday Lanterns. (Photo Credits)


Holidays mean decorating for most households, and apart from Christmas trees, lights, wreaths and ornaments, Christmas Lanterns are happy symbols of Christmas that are made even more dazzling by its lights.

Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies The website featured various lanterns that will really make you feel that the yuletide season is in the air. “You may say that a lantern is an old-fashioned piece, that it’s not modern but a lantern makes the space cozier, it brings light, warmth and comfort, it’s a cool idea for Christmas. You can make some yourselves: of metal, of mason jars, of wood or paper. Buy some ready traditional lanterns of glass and black metal and put some candles and Christmas ornaments inside – they would look very holiday-like. Such lanterns may be used both inside and outside – and the candles won’t be snuffed out. An unusual idea is an ice lantern which is great for outdoors and looks so exciting! Put some cranberry into ice and the amazing look will be provided! Decorating with pinecones, snowflakes and faux snowballs made of felt is right what you need.”

Check out the photos here.

Christmas Warmth through a Lantern

Electrical Contractors The website shared how to make your own Do-It-Yourself lanterns.

“Upcycle jars into these Magical Christmas Lanterns that will look amazing in your home these holidays!”

Get inspired here.

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Sun Gazing also shared a guide on how to make Christmas Lanterns that are really pleasing to the eyes.

Christmas decoration is any of several types of ornamentation used at Christmas time. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red. Blue and white are often used to represent winter, or sometimes Hanukkah, which occurs around the same time. Gold and silver are also very common, as are just about any other metallic colours. Typical images on Christmas decorations include Baby Jesus, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, and the star of Bethlehem. Typical winter icons include snowflakes, snowmen, icicles, and even penguins and polar bears.”

Watch the tutorial here.

Will you be making your own Christmas lantern or will you just buy one?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What to do with your used light bulbs

Recycling Old Light Bulbs

Line Up 1

How to recycle your used lightbulbs? (Photo Credits)

Light bulbs should be disposed properly considering the many chemical components inside it. If you are feeling crafty though, and you are capable of cautiously doing something out of old light bulbs then why not try your hand at recycling?

The Website Architecture and Design for instance shared awesome ideas on how old light bulbs can be repurposed. Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies           

“When your light bulb stops working, don’t hurry to throw it out – with just a little bit of work, you can give it a new life. There are plenty of creative and fun ways to upcycle this object into many useful things. From vases and candy containers to terrariums and ornaments, the lightbulb’s form lends itself to plenty of functional and aesthetic projects.”

Check out the photos of the projects here.

Recycle, Repurpose

Electrical Contractors  Cool Pet Videos meanwhile shared this very interesting step by step video tutorial on how to make a cool terrarium out of an old bulb.

“Recycling Old Light Bulbs to Create Beautiful Mini Terrariums.”

Check out the video here.

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The Website Goods Home Design, shared as well several ways to make decorative fixtures using old lightbulbs.

“Here we have an ingenious idea regarding burnt-out light bulbs. It’s easier to throw away a burnt-out bulb, but it is lovelier for it to be transformed into a decorative item. If you don’t want to waste your burn-out incandescent light bulbs, we came up with a very simple way of recycling them. With a bit of creativity, you can give these burned light bulbs a second chance.”

Get inspired with the many projects here.

So what do you plan to work on?

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

What you may want to know about Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Spiral Bulb

The talk of the town. (Photo Credits )

Some sectors are questioning the safety of the Energy-Efficient Light bulbs

The website Natural Health Center shared in one of its posts, concerns over what it described as possible adverse health risks Energy Efficient Light Bulbs pose to its users. Build Safe

“In our zeal to protect the environment, most of us have now replaced our old conventional light bulbs with the new energy efficient models. Unfortunately, we are now learning the new bulbs come with significant health risks. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has actually issued an emergency protocol to be followed if a bulb breaks, as a broken bulb releases twenty times the maximum safe level of mercury into the air.”

The website enumerated the possible health risks here.

Dispose with care

Healthy Life Vision raised the same concern in its website. It advised its readers to properly dispose of Energy Efficient Lightbulbs so as not to endanger anyone who may come into contact with broken bulbs.

“These bulbs are so toxic that should not be thrown in the regular trash. They are hazardous waste. If you break one in the house, open the windows and doors and leave the house at least 15 minutes in order to minimize exposure to toxic gases.”

Read the rest of the report here.

Related Electrical Repair Service

Electrician In Canada, an organization has already been calling for the safe disposal of Energy Efficient Lightbulbs as reported by media organization CTV Toronto. “According to the Recycling Council of Ontario, most consumers are not safely disposing the energy-efficient bulbs that contain approximately five milligrams of mercury each. The heavy metal has been shown to cause brain damage if inhaled or ingested.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

So how do you dispose your busted light bulbs at home?

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

How to Safely Organize your Electrical Cords

Stay Safe, Stay Organized

wires and drew's feet

Keep your cords neat. (Photo Credits)

Electrical cords in the home or in the office could be a messy sight. It could easily be jumbled, it makes an area look less organized, and more importantly – less safe.

Here are some tips that could help you get better organized in this area. Electrical Contractors

DIY Network shared tips to ensure that your cord will not be an unsightly mess once again.

“Whether you’re baby-proofing (yes), trying to tidy up cords dangling behind your bedside table (yep, this too), or just tending to that snarled nest of wires hidden behind the media console (hand raised), mastering cord management will make your home feel and look more organized. There are lots of different approaches to the art of camouflaging and organizing your electrical cords. What tools work best for you? When it comes to installing electronics like a flat-screen TV on a mount or a speaker system, a popular approach is to run the cords vertically between the joists behind the drywall, so when I set out to get our TV permanently mounted, this is the approach I took. The cords aren’t hardwired into the electrical circuit (code violations!), but plan to have them pop out nearby an outlet so that the hole in the wall can be easily concealed by a TV stand or side table.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

Make your home safer and tidier

The Website OnlineArticle.Org emphasized that more often than not, a home’s media room is the room with the messiest and least organized cords, so it is in your best interest to keep your cords neat. Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies

“The media room’s wants are totally different from these of the house workplace, as a result of all of the gear tends to be centered in a single location. Virtually all the gear will get related to the tv, which requires all elements to be centrally situated. Most owners have a tv stand or hutch the place all the gear is contained. The trick to preserving electrical cords organized is to label the whole lot. Wrap a bit of masking tape across the twine close to the plug and label what it’s hooked up to.”

Check out the rest of the tips here.

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ArchitectureDesign.Net meantime shared ways to organize power cords in a classier way.

“All the cables and the cords from things like the computer, the lamps, the TV, etc are seen as an inconvenience and we often try to hide them. There are even lots of accessories to help us do that and we’re also showed you plenty of DIY projects designed to help you do the same thing. But why hide the cables when you can turn them into wall art?”

Check out the step by step instructions here.

So how do you organize your power cables at home?

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Electric Powered Vehicles

The Electric Vehicle you would want to own

Modo Electric Car Sharing

Your Dream Electric-Powered Vehicle (Photo Credits)

Electric Powered Vehicles come in many types and appearance, and the good thing is just like in anything in life, it caters to individual tastes.

Sports car enthusiasts for instance, will be glad to note that there is a high-powered sports car in the market with an all-electric option. Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies

The Verge featured one of these in its website. “one of them is Audi’s R8 sports car, which now includes an e-tron option. Instead of the V10 petrol engine that can take the R8 to 100kmh in 3.2 seconds, the e-tron model uses only electric power to achieve a 3.9-second 0-to-100 time. That’s still some pretty awesome acceleration, but the real innovation of this new electric car is in the density of its battery. Audi has almost doubled energy storage — from 49kWh on its first electric platform to the current 92kWh — and done so without requiring any extra space. Energy density has, as a result, grown from 84Wh/kg to 154Wh/kg. With a few modifications made to the electric version of the car — such as the crazy-looking wheels that appear specifically designed to minimize drag — this combines for a claimed range in excess of 450km / 279.6 miles.”

Check out the car here.

Hippies Unite

Automobile manufacturer Volkswagen on the other hand hinted of a possible revival of their iconic beetle van. Electrical Contractors

Off Grid Quest could not hide its excitement over this come back. “With rumors about the return of the surfers craze, the hippie love machine might just be coming back!  The Herbie-like purr of the motor coming down the drive will be replaced by an electric engine that can be charged at home.  If you live under solar panels, this will be a move in a very green direction. Since its launch in the early 1950s, the Volkswagen Westfalia Camper has been an enduring classic, an icon of cross-country adventures and the traveling lifestyle. Production ceased in 2003, but speaking to Autocar  at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, board member Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser revealed that the company is soon to unveil a concept Camper that would revive the classic van as an electric vehicle.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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To make the electric car technology even more mainstream, Automobile Manufacturer Ford has made its patent available to other manufacturers as shared in the website IFL Science.

“The company has more than 650 electrified vehicle patents. They filed over 400 of them in 2014 alone, and that makes up more than 20 percent of all the patents they applied for that year. Ford has another thousand patents pending. Some of the patents available for purchase by other automakers include technology for battery charge balancing to extend battery run time and overall life, temperature dependent regenerative braking to maximize the energy that’s recaptured, and a driving behavior feedback interface to help improve fuel economy. “

Read the rest of the report here.

What type of electric vehicle would you want to buy if ever?

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Can you do without a Cable Box?

All about the cable box

Under the TV

Do you still have one at home? (Photo Credits)

While a growing number of households have been cutting their cable subscriptions to save on utility bills, it cannot be denied that majority of homes still have cable subscription.

But what can be done about the sometimes hideous, and space hogging contraption that comes with it – the cable box?

The website DIY Real showed ways on how to go about hiding the cable box, which can be done by using a fake stack of books. Build Safe

Check out the photos here.

You can do without it.

Electrical Contractors The Atlantic meantime share an article that could totally eliminate the cable box in a household. “One solution proposed in the report is that cable services could simply be accessed through an app. Consumers would buy their own devices and access cable services the way they would access Netflix. Some budget-conscious consumers are cutting their ties to cable (and the hassle that comes with it); there are already those who opt for streaming services such as Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire. But if cable became an app—and companies made it easy to own a box without sinking huge amounts of money and time—it might just be the best of both worlds.”

Read the rest of the report here.

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The New York Times meantime wrote about letting consumers use cheaper and better cable boxes.

“Connecting a set-top box to a cable line or satellite dish should be as easy as activating a new cellphone on a wireless network. Consumers should have a choice of devices, and they should be able to buy the boxes outright or pay for them through their monthly plan. And using a set-top box should not require an electronic card. Surely, cable and tech companies can come up with software that can verify that set-top boxes are being used by paying subscribers. In addition to saving people money, reducing cable companies’ control over set-top boxes could improve TV watching. Some television makers might build set-top boxes into their machine so consumers would not have to buy two devices. Tech companies like Apple and Google could create set-top boxes with easier-to-use menus. Device makers might also offer consumers the ability to simultaneously search for entertainment on cable and Internet-based services like Netflix and Hulu.”

Go read the whole article here.

So are you ready to get rid of your cable box?

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Deep Cleaning an Electric Stove

How to Clean an Electric Stove


Cleaning your electric stove makes it more energy efficient. (Photo Credits)

Is your electric stove getting greasy and is full of gunk?

Fret not, because there are great ways to spruce it up and make it look like new.

Apartment Therapy shared a technique on how to deep clean an electric stove using cleansers that can be found in any home’s kitchen cupboard. Electrician 

“Does your pot frequently runneth over? If you’re part of the regularly-sets-off-the-smoke-alarm-while-cooking-dinner club, chance are your stove burners are in desperate need of attention. Whether it’s your fault, or the previous tenants’, the burners aren’t going to clean themselves. Or are they? Well, yes, and no. You can set your burners to high, remove any pots or pans, and let them burn off any caked-on food for a few minutes- but this technique can only go so far. To get a really good, deep-down, clean-clean, you’ll need to actually remove the burners from the stove and use some good old-fashioned elbow grease.”

Check out the step by step instructions here.

All you need is Baking Soda

Lifehacker on the other hand meantime emphasized that all you need to clean a greasy and gunky electric stove is baking soda.

“Kitchen accidents happen. Whether it’s the occasional boil-over or a big spill, your electric stove burners are bound to get a little gunked up after awhile. When a simple wiping won’t do, turn to the do-anything household multi-tasker: baking soda.”

Check out the procedure here.

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The website meanwhile shard a detailed way of cleaning electric stove coils. Electrical Contractors 

“Even the best chefs and most careful cooks often find that they have drizzled little food our sauce on their stove burner. I am neither a chef nor careful when I’m whipping up dinner. Nevertheless, no matter how methodical you are while cooking, spills and accidents happen. When spills find their way to the coils, you’ll usually know it right away by the smell, burn, and even some smoke. The best thing to do when a spill happens is to clean it as soon as possible after the stove cools. But, if you can’t do that, add “clean the stove” to your cleaning schedule so you are sure to clean it before it becomes caked on too much.”

Read the step-by-step guide here.

When was the last time you cleaned your stove?

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to clean an electric fan

The proper way of cleaning a fan

cobalt electric fan

Clean your desk fans regularly. (Photo Credits)

Desk Fans are very useful especially during the summer. But like any other home appliance, it should be cleaner regularly to ensure that the dirt and dust that it harbors do not affect the health of th people who uses it.

But how does one properly clean a desk fan?

Apartment Therapy shared in its website a step-by-step guide in cleaning a desk fan. Electrician

“In anticipation of spending the warmer months with our oscillating fans on to keep us cool, now is a good time to pause and take a few minutes to give them a quick clean. They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them and could use a little bit of attention. (Plus it will keep your fan—and your lungs—in better shape!). Small toiletry items like cotton swabs, makeup brushes, foam craft brushes, or toothpicks are great for jobs like this. They are just small enough to get caked-on dirt out of tiny crevices that are hard to tackle with a basic rag.”

Read the rest of the step-by-step instructions here.

Even Animals like Fans

Humans though are not the only living being in the planet that enjoys desk or table top fans. The Marsupial featured over at British website Daily Mail, glides alongside an oscillating fan.

“How do pet sugar gliders learn to glide when they are not in the wild? They take lessons, of course. Adorable footage shows a small pet marsupial learning to glide from the safety of its home, with the help from a trusty desk fan. Ready for take to the skies, the sugar glider stretches out its little arms and fluffy tail waiting for the fan to oscillate round to its body for take-off.”

Build Safe Check out the video here.

Related Electrical Repair Services:

Not everyone though use desk fans for convenience.

Media outfit CBS Baltimore reported about a woman who used a desk fan to hurt another lady.

“A 60-year-old Milford woman was arrested after police say she punched and hit a woman with a desk fan. The News Journal reports that police say Rose Deshields, also known as Rosa Person, was charged earlier this month after an investigation revealed she got into a verbal dispute with a 23-year-old woman at Brightway Commons Apartment Complex.”

Read the rest of the report here.

So when was the last time that you cleaned your electric fan?

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Do-It-Yourself Refrigerator

Can you make a DIY Ref?


Making a DIY Refrigerator. (Photo Credits)

Refrigerators are very important especially in prolonging the shelf life of food, and making certain food stuff and beverages more palatable.

But refrigerators consume a lot of electricity considering that it has to be continuously plugged in and at the same time it continues to generate cooling power. If you know how to make one via DIY then that will definitely be good news.

The website Knowledge Weighs Nothing shared a DIY project on how to make an electric efficient refrigerator at home. Build Safe

“If you have an old chest freezer, it can quite simply and cheaply be converted into an super-efficient DIY chest refrigerator that will require  fraction of the power to run (around 100 watts a day), in fact it would cost less than $5  a year to run this chest refrigerator! This could save you a huge amount of money, but also, this DIY chest refrigerator is so low powered, it could easily be run via small low cost solar system. Even if you don’t have an old chest freezer, these can be picked up for next to nothing if you ask around.”

Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

Recycle an old refrigerator

Handy and Homemade also shared another way of coming up with an efficient food and beverage cooling system. This time using old refrigerator parts and wooden pallets. Electrical Contractors 

“This is the perfect way to re-use your broken refrigerator and even if you don’t have one they are easy to find. Perfect for those who entertain or just enjoy being outdoors in the warmer weather. You can use your free pallet wood finds or use new wood if desired. You will be a hit with this fantastic useful backyard cooler project. If you want to use a mini fridge you can make a smaller more portable version of this wonderful cooler.”

Watch the video tutorial here.

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If all else fails and you will not have access to a working refrigerator, as well as electricity, Spirit Science gave tips on how to store your food and prolong its shelf life.

Nestled Pot Fridge.  By nestling a terra-cotta pot inside of a slightly larger pot, and filling the space between them with wet sand, you can effectively create a DIY, no electricity refrigerator.  The wet sand has a cooling effect on the inner pot, studies have shown the space inside the smaller pot to maintain around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Read the seven other DIY Tips here.

Have you ever thought of what you would do if your refrigerator stopped working?

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Innovations in Electrical Wiring

Amazing Breakthroughs

Wire star (2)

Electrical wires innovate too! (Photo Credits)

Wires are the main bridge way of electric current and it has come a long way, and a lot of innovations have sprouted from it from the time it was invented many, many years ago.

The innovations are so great that even a blind girl can get to appreciate what her father would like her to experience.

Website Independent Journal Review shared this story of an explosives expert who wired an Easter Egg for her blind daughter to experience the fun of joining an Easter Egg Hunt. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies

“So he did some internet research and connected with a man who told him how to make beeping eggs. Unfortunately, creating the eggs was extremely expensive. But because Hyche is an Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agent that works with explosives, he was able to modify the design. He built a $12 model using a switch, a piezo beeper, a 9-volt battery and battery clip. So when activated, the egg made a beeping sound which allowed Rachel to find it.”

Read the rest of this touching story here.

Wireless Computers?

Electrical Contractors

Some engineers meantime are trying to produce a computer that does not use electrical wires.

Phys.Org featured this study in one of its posts. “Stanford engineers have designed and built a prism-like device that can split a beam of light into different colors and bend the light at right angles, a development that could eventually lead to computers that use optics, rather than electricity, to carry data. They describe what they call an “optical link” in an article in Scientific Reports. The optical link is a tiny slice of silicon etched with a pattern that resembles a bar code. When a beam of light is shined at the link, two different wavelengths (colors) of light split off at right angles to the input, forming a T shape. This is a big step toward creating a complete system for connecting computer components with light rather than wires.”

Read the rest of this article here.

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Some scientists meanwhile are mimicking DNA Technology as they develop wiring systems as shared by the website IFLScience. “DNA, the molecule at the heart of life, is the most powerful and sophisticated information storage device in existence. So it’s no wonder that scientists are attempting to harness its capabilities in computing and electronics. Not only does DNA have the capacity to store vast amounts of data, but it also provides the opportunity to surpass current limitations on reducing the size of electronics.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

So what are the wiring breakthroughs you have heard of?

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Enormous Wolf Spider Takes Over a Home Electric Meter

How would you react?

Electric meter

What if a big spider camped out here? (Photo Credits)

Electric meters are extremely important in any household or establishment because it measures the amount of electricity consumed.

A homeowner in Australia though got the shock of a lifetime when she checked out her electric meter.
British website Daily Mail shared a story on how a homeowner from Queensland Australia got shocked after seeing a huge spider plus plenty of smaller spiders camping out in their electric meter.

“Members of online forum Reddit reacted with horror after a user posted a photo of the massive creepy crawly at an unknown location in the Sunshine State, accompanied with the caption: ‘Energy Australia was unable to read your meter…’ The cream and black coloured spider’s long legs covered the meter’s digital screen, while its babies surround the dials. Rentokil Pest Control confirm it’s a Wolf Spider, which are venomous with a painful bite but not lethal. Australia enjoys the company of more than 400 sub-species of Wolf Spider.”

Check out the rest of the story and the photos here.

Dreadful, Hair-Raising

Website featured the social media reaction on the dreadful photo.

“An image of the spider has gone viral since being posted on Reddit over the weekend, and according to reports, the creature was confirmed by Rentokil Pest Control to be a wolf spider.”

Electrician. Read the social media reactions here.

Related Electrical Repair Services:

Washington Weekly News also featured the Wolf Spider Story.Electrical Contractors

In the article it published, the website mentioned that “The internet has reacted with horror after a photo went viral of a massive spider and hundreds of baby spiders nestled on a Queensland electricity meter.”
Read the rest of their article here.

When was the last time you checked your electric meter?

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Unique Vending Machines

The Vending Machines of Today

Casual frozen food...

Now, even hot meals can be bought from vending machines. Photo Credits

Vending Machines are important especially in locations where there are no stores nearby or there are no 24/7 convenience stores or food places.

From canned soda, snacks, and even electronic goods, a lot of products are now being sold via vending machines.

Just like this vending machine featured over at MessyNessyChic.Com. The website posted a story on a vending machine in Istanbul, Turkey that dispenses water and food for stray animals. The thing is it does not need coins – it just needs recyclable plastic bottles in exchange for the pet food and water that it dispenses.

“Animal lovers gather round! Some very clever folks in Istanbul have created a vending machine that releases food and water for the city’s stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottles. I couldn’t help but share this in the hopes that they get a little buzz to help spread the word.”

Electrical Contractors. Check out the vending machine here.

Cannabis Vending Machine?

In Canada, there are vending machines that sells marijuana. Website RT.Com reported the launch of the first ever marijuana vending machine in the country.

“The first cannabis-dispensing machine in Canada has begun operating in Vancouver, following on from the first machine installed recently in the US state of Colorado. The difference? The Canadian machine doesn’t ID you. Despite the controversy surrounding the plant and the endless bickering that has marked the discourse around it, the machine looks strangely ordinary and even less threatening than a cigarette pack, with big green leaves and certainly no indication that it contains something that is so hotly debated.”

Electrician. Check out the vending machine here.

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Meantime in Washington, a vending machine is bringing a smile on ids, their teachers, and their parents’ faces. Why? Because it dispenses books for free. featured this amazing vending machine in their website. “Imagine being able to walk up to a vending machine, press a few buttons, and have a book pop out. Well, some kids in Washington, D.C., don’t have to imagine, because they can actually do that.”

Take a look at the vending machine here.

So what does your dream vending machine dispense?

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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Electric Toothbrush of the Future

The Modern Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrush - 1st attempt #2

The Electric Toothbrish of the Future. (Photo Credits)

 The Electric toothbrush is one creature comfort some people cannot live without. And why not? It makes cleaning your pearly whites easier!

But the Electric toothbrush has gone a long way, from its old rotating self.

In its website, featured the newest, and probably the coolest type of electric toothbrush in the market. It changes designs, very light-weight, prolonged battery life, and can even be charged via USB charger! Build Safe

Quoting its website: “Dot Company is a team of innovators that have observed that dental care products have started lagging behind in the world of product design and personalization. We feel the big companies are producing new products but with the same old boring designs that the consumers, who are interested in personalized and contemporary design, find dull and uninteresting. T.brush is reinventing the art of toothbrush design by providing a compact and lightweight electric toothbrush, personalized to several styles and designs, with an overall performance better than the leading products in the market.”

Check out the toothbrushes here.

 Bidet for the mouth, anyone?

This modern electric toothbrush featured over at is as futuristic as he T. Brush, but it could be more practical. Why? Because it can also rinse your mouth.

“We’ve found the toothbrush of the future. Yes, it’s electric, but not in the way you’re used to. Most toothbrushes are pretty good at getting toothpaste onto your teeth; now, the Rinser Brush also helps wash it off. A groove below the head of the toothbrush lets water from the tap flow through a plastic grate set in the handle. One push of a button, and a small motor propels the water up in a smooth laminar-flow plume straight to your mouth. It’s an instant drinking fountain, built into a toothbrush. For the traveler, it means not having to slurp water from the faucet or lapping it up from cupped hands. At home, it means not needing disposable cups or a glass that needs to be washed. For parents, it’s one more way to convince kids that hygiene is fun.”

Check out the Rinser Brush here.

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This poodle though seems not too impressed with any type of electric toothbrush. Modern or otherwise. In its website, featured its reaction when its Human, tried calling her to brush her teeth. Electrical Contractors

Watch the video here.

Are you interested to get the newest type of electric toothbrush?

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Many Uses of A Curling Iron

The Mini Appliance that does Wonders to the Hair

Day 211

The curling iron can do more than curling the hair. Photo Credits

A Curling Iron is one of the beauty mini appliance must haves of a good number of ladies who may want to sport a new look every now and then.

This portable electronic device is commonly used in salons, and households alike. Build Safe

Buzzfeed Life for instance shared 21 tips and Tricks in using a Curling Iron. “Avoid throwing your curling iron across the room in frustration with these helpful tips. Seriously, don’t throw hot things, it’s dangerous…For tighter curls, a small-barreled iron is your best bet. For looser waves, try a large-barreled iron.

Check out the 20 other tips here.

Curling Iron Hacks

In its website, the Beauty Department meantime shared a trick on how to make it appear that you have blow-dried your hair using a handy curling iron. “IT’S HARD to blowout your own hair and you can never quite get the same angles that a pro can get. This is much easier on the arms and often less “puffy” thanks to the tools being used. Okay, let’s skip blow-drying and get into faux drying!”

Read the step-by-step instructions here.

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Buzzit on the other hand corrected some common wrong uses of a curling iron. Electrical Contractors

“You’re Probably Using Your Curling Iron Wrong. Here Are 23 Tips To Do It Right… If you’re trying to get a perfectly bouncy head of hair, try these hacks for the curls you’ve always wanted. Know what kind of look you’re going for and use the iron with the right barrel size for that look.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

So are you using your curling iron right and have you maximized its full potential?

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Do-it-Yourself Torch Light

How to make your own torch lights

Lights On

It is not that complicated so yes, you ca make your own too. Photo Credits

You will never know when an emergency will strike, hence it is best to have a know-how in making emergency lighting devices.
The website shared a step-by-step instruction guide complete with photos on how to make a Do-It-Yourself torch light, perfect for extended power black outs.

“This is a very simple led torch light that uses the series connection of a led, a switch, a resistor and a 9 volt battery. It is very handy to use when there is no light. To make the torch brighter the number of LEDs can be added.”

Check out the instructions here.

Easy to Make

Youtube channel DIY Tech is also teaching its viewers how to make their own Torch Light.Build Safe

“In this video you will be learning about Lithium-ion Battery Cell repair guide, and how to charge them again for your Electronics Projects! Battery Power Ratings: 3.7v – 4.2v”

Electrical Contractors. Watch the video tutorial here.

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If you just want to light up your garden, then DIY Home Things has eleven Do-It-Yourself Projects for you.

“Tiki torches are a practical and fun way to light up outdoor spaces. Tiki torches not only add a luminescent glow to summer nights, but they are also an innovative way to keep pesky bugs at bay. The large bamboo style tiki torches have made way for some innovative small tiki torches which can be fashioned from old bottles. Tiki torches which are crafted from empty wine bottles or mason jars are an awesome idea to enliven nighttime parties in your backyard. It is extremely easy to create.”

Read the rest of the article here.

So are you ready to make your own DIY Torch Lights?



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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hemp Plant as Potential Energy Storage

Batteries and Stored Energy


Storing Energy in Batteries. Photo Credits

Batteries store energy and help people in a lot of levels, and so more and more research is being done on how to store energy to attain the maximum benefits of batteries.

The website The Mind Unleashed for instance shared a new study n hem being a potential powerful energy storage. “As hemp makes a comeback in the U.S. after a decades-long ban on its cultivation, scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted as the model material for supercapacitors.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Unconventional Use

An unconventional use of car battery was meantime shared by website Speed Society. It featured the use of a jumper cable and car batteries as a do-it-yourself emergency welding equipment when you find yourself needing to do a welding job while at a remote location.

“When it comes to welding, a decent amount of equipment is necessary to get the job done. Unfortunately, if you find yourself out on the trails, that equipment isn’t the easiest in the world to haul around. Instead of bringing a big, clunky welder with you everywhere you go, there’s another option that could manage to get you out of a bind in a hurry using only what you have on hand!”

Electrician. Check out the DIY Video here.

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Lithium batteries on the other hand, are also very useful, but could be very deadly for young children. BBC.Com featured a story on a pediatrician warning parents not to leave around button sized batteries as ingesting such could be fatal for very young children. Build Safe

“The most serious cases are associated with Lithium button batteries larger than 20mm (the size of a 10 pence piece) which can cause severe injury within two hours. And they do not have to be damaged, crushed or chewed to cause serious harm.”

Read the rest of the report here.

Parents have to be wary about these batteries because according to the pediatrician in the report, those who have survived, still suffered life-changing injuries.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Keyboards of the Future

The Latest on Keyboards

The Great Leap Forward

The evolution of keyboards. (Photo Credits)

Typing away in the computer the whole day can get a bit dull and boring. But not until you see the latest trends in electronic keyboards.
Website for instance featured this modern keyboard that was said to be invented to make its users type even faster. “Frustrated with the limitations of the traditional QWERTY layout, McEnaney spent the last decade designing a new one. Considering that the universal key arrangement was designed in the typewriter age — patented in 1878 — an alternative seems due. This one’s inspired by a bee.”

Electrician. Take a look at the bee-inspired keyboard here.

Type in the Fun

Geeks of the world will meantime unite with this new aluminum additional keys in a keyboard. Trends website featured various keys which include that of starwars, captain America, the avengers, and many others.

“The Nerdy Keyboard Keys Of Your Dreams Are Here.”

Check out the aluminum add-ons here.

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The ultimate boredom buster though is to take the keyboard out of the computer and use it elsewhere, in a totally different setting.Electrical Contractors

Time Magazine shared to its online readers, this foldable keyboard manufactured by Microsoft. “For heavy-duty writing on the go, regular keyboards are too big, while touchscreen keyboards are too small. But Microsoft is betting that is new, foldable keyboard will be just right. Microsoft unveiled the Universal Foldable Keyboard on Monday, a thin, lightweight keypad that folds down the middle. Unfold the keyboard and it automatically powers on and connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled phones or tablets. The battery lasts upwards of three months on a single charge, according to Microsoft.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Trends like these at least provide a break in the routine, if not mechanical way of working with the computer.

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