Friday, May 29, 2015

Non-Electric Home Equipment Can Get the Job Done

Alternatives to your electric-operated Kitchen appliances


A Manual Kitchen Mixer. (Photo Credits: Bre Pettis, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

At this day and age when everything seems to be automatic, and electric-operated, there are still some home equipment that could get the job done sans electricity. ElectricianVisions Orange County, CA took a trip down memory lane when they would crank up manually-operated kitchen equipment in her grandfather’s home. “I can remember my Grandad’s farm house with maybe only one outlet, and that was used for an old tube type AM radio that he used to listen to the farm report. The visits were a treat sifting the flour with a hand crank sifter, making homemade cookies, and then playing out in the barn loft and watching all the farm animals.” ElectricianVisions Aliso Viejo

Read the rest of her article here. ElectricianVisions Newport Beach California meantime came up with its list of 25 hand-operated home equipment. “Instead of just being able to execute something with the press of a button, these devices require some level of physical exertion, including things like cranking, pedaling or shaking. In addition to getting a good workout while doing things like laundry, charging up your phone, recording a home video or preparing dinner, these devices are especially great because they don’t require electricity to operate.” Anaheim ElectricianVisions

ElectricianVisions Westminister. Take a look at the manually-operated appliances here.

But if say you really cannot function sans electricity then you may just want to find unconventional use of your home appliances. came up with ways of using appliances beyond its intended purpose. Electrician. First on their list of “Seven Wacky Ways to Use Home Appliances” is using the dishwasher to cook Salmon. “Just place salmon on a piece of foil, squeeze some lemon over it, add a dash of salt and pepper, seal it up, and place the packet on the upper rack of your dishwasher. The slow, steamy heat of a wash cycle will poach it perfectly. Leave the detergent out though, or you’ll have soapy salmon!”

Build Safe. Find out about the six others here.

Whether you prefer electric or manual, what is important is that if push comes to shove and a massive black-out will hit, you can still do chores with the help of your hands.

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