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Organizing Remote Controls for Home Electronics

Never Lose Your Remote Control Again

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“Where is the Remote?” is a question constantly asked in every household. (Photo Credits: redjar, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Remote-Controlled electronics are one of the best inventions there is and most people will find these types of appliances indispensable in their homes. Orange county electrician Repair

For instance, television, air conditioners, as well as other electronics are controlled by remote control. Local Dana Point Electrician. But ask every household, and they will identify one caveat about having these very convenient remote-controlled gadgets – the remote gets lost all the time! understands the frustration of most gadget owners, hence it featured this Do-It-Yourself Remote Control Pillow. “It never fails: you set your remote down on the couch or end table just to find it miraculously disappear later. This DIY couch pillow mod shows you how to “install” your remote into your couch pillow so you never lose it again.” My Yorba Linda electrician

find Costa Mesa electrician. Watch the video, and read the step-by-step instructions here.

Emergency Electrician Anahiem. You also have the option of making your own remote control storage solution. came up with this idea after getting frustrated over her daughter constantly misplacing the remote control. “Using Velcro with adhesive backing I secured the two remotes (TV and Apple TV) to the inner railing of her bed. It’s easy for her to put the remotes away at bedtime and during the day while she is playing they are kept away from the mess on the floor.”

Take a look at the guide here. Electrical Contractors

But if you want to control a TV Set that is not even your own then you may want to get something like this. featured in its website the TV Be Gone remote control that can switch on all types of remote-controlled television sets. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies. “The idea is simple: even if there are around 115 different infrared codes to ask a TV to turn off or on, almost all of these codes can be sent in a few seconds. This code is reproducible with any kind of source of infrared light: the simplest being a LED, fixed on a small electronic circuit, powered by a battery.”

Read more here.

If you are also frustrated about losing the remote control all the time, why not try your hand on any of the above-mentioned DIY projects?

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