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What to do with old car batteries?

Dead Car Batteries need to be Recycled

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While in other areas, disposing old car batteries are being taken cared of by the delivery service that will supply you new batteries, some car owners still find themselves needing to dispose their auto batteries on their own. Electric Visions Orange County

If you find yourself in such situation, what are the safe ways to do so? Electrician Visions Santa Ana

Website says it should be brought to a place where it could be recycled. ElectricianVisions Laguna Niguel, CA. These are battery shops that could be around in your community which you could easily search for via the internet. “When you buy it you pay a core charge, which is a deposit that motivates you to return the used item. Auto parts stores pay $10 to $80 for old cores, even if you don’t buy a new part. A leaky battery destroys everything, so wrap it in heavy plastic.” ElectricianVisions Norwalk California

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ElectricianVisions Yorba Linda. Website advocates as well safe disposal of used batteries through recycling. However it insists that the best way to cut down on the pollutants brought about by the batteries is to cut down on driving. “What can we as dead-battery holders do about all this? Individually, it’s tough to trace what happens to your old battery after you hand it off to the shop or the dealer or your local hazardous-waste disposal team. As you discovered, employees may not have a clue where it will end up; and even if the battery first goes to one of our own recycling facilities, the SLAB may still be shipped on to Mexico.”

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Toyota Europe meanwhile is undertaking extensive studies on what to do with old hybrid car batteries. Electrical Contractors. In fact they signed two agreements just so to make sure that all of the batteries in their vehicles be returned to them for their research in recycling. “Owners are given fresh new batteries in exchange for the old ones installed in their vehicles. And what is done to the old batteries? Toyota, together with the two recyclers, is currently doing research on possible uses for them. Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies. They could either have a second life in a new vehicle, or be a stationary power source. Either way, the effort aims for a cleaner environment for today and for our children.”

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So what do you do with your dead car batteries?

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