Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pretty Night Lights

Wonderful night lights


Light up that night light. (Photo Credits)

For people who may not be able to sleep well without a light on, a night light could just be a perfect solution. Electrical Contractors featured a great night lamp for Big Hero fans. “A new Big Hero 6 desk lamp from Infothink, now available for pre-order, features a sleep setting that gradually powers the lamp down during your sleep cycle so that it effectively turns itself off ‘when you’re satisfied of your service.’ The LED lamp is designed in the shape of Baymax, with five built-in lighting effect modes, brightness control, and movable head and hands.”

Check out the product specifications here.

From the moon and back

Association of Edison Illuminating Companies  Space fanatics on the other hand may marvel with this night lamp featured over at DIY Cozy Home. “This new lamp from Acorn Studio, a Taiwanese design firm, has made a way to make it possible for everyone to have a little piece of space… the moon. This lamp, named Luna, resembles the shape and color of the moon. So cool. It comes in a variety of sizes too. Your personal moon can be anywhere from 3.2 inches to 23.6 inches. Judging from the pictures, I would want the XXS (3.2 inches) or XL (19.7 inches).”

Check out the night light here.

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For those who may prefer to go the DIY route in making a night lamp, then the glowing jars featured over at Diply is worth checking out. If you’ve got kids you know that sometimes the dark can get quite scary for them. To help ease them to sleep at night, make sure they have a night light. This is a neat way to make your own glow in the dark night light in whatever color they prefer! All you need is water, a jar and glow sticks.”

Read the step-by-step instructions here.

What kind of night lamp do you have at home?

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