Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stay Safe and Avoid Getting Electrocuted

The Dangers of Electrocution


The Hazards of Electrocution. Photo Credits.

Electrocution is no joke. It may be a mild jolt, or an electric shock that could send you straight to the ER, if you will be lucky enough to reach the hospital in time.

In Miami, Florida for example, a teenage boy died after getting electrocuted while using his mobile phone that is being charged. Website Most Extreme News reported that the boy answered his phone when it rang while he was charging it.

“In just a few seconds a surge of electricity traveled from the wall up the length of cord and knocked the boy to the floor with a thunderous jolt. The boy’s parents discovered him unconscious. His body was still warm and his hands showed signs of being severely burnt. He was rushed to the University of Miami Hospital. He was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving by ambulance in the hospital’s ER department.”

Read more about it here.

Dangerous Rails

In New York, one of the city’s graffiti legends also succumbed to electrocution. New York Post shared that the 42-year old artist died along New York Subway’s train tracks. “A well-known Queens graffiti “artist” was electrocuted by the third rail in a Brooklyn subway station, sources told The Post…Underground graffiti legend Jason Wulf, 42, was found dead on the tracks…It’s unclear exactly what Wulf was doing right before he died, but the MTA said it is ­investigating the death. A pal said it was possible Wulf was “tagging” — or about to. When cops arrived at the scene, they found him alone, sources said.”

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Build Safe. India TV News meantime posted an article about a dog who sacrificed his life to save train commuters from electrocution. “Sensing the oncoming fate, the dog itself jumped in front of them landing into that puddle of water, dying instantly leaving passengers around in shock. Nobody could understand what just happened; a minute before there was a dog barking frantically and the next moment he was lying dead with a crowd of people around left shocked. It was then, when one from the crowd noticed a loose cut wire hanging down inside the water. Had those six men put their foot in the water, they would have died of electrocution.”

Read more about the act of heroism here.

Electrocution is no joke and people should do what it takes to ensure electrical safety in their homes.

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